Dumbest Blonde Moves when going BLONDE


In 1990 my girlfriend Tracy whom I grew up with was my endearing and loving beautician. She was frosting my hair on a gorgeous Indian summer day at my home in Spokane Washington. We were shooting the bull about this, that and the other thing. I tell my beautician everything under the sun and fortunately, she returns that conversation in kind. Tracy says to me: “Donna you know that this white powder I am putting on your head is just well refined and processed Draino.

Yikes, I about jumped out of my chair in panic.

Tracy started laughing: “No Donna, It is completely safe.” spouts Tracy.

Ok, cool I thought Draino safe…Ok. I put that thought aside until I believe it was the Summer of 1992 down in Joseph, Oregon. I don’t know what I was thinking but I got this hairbrained idea in my head. I do that from time to time. The thinking was not my forte on that horrific Dumb Day. I had hurried up and closed my part of the Cafe really fast. I zipped through my work like a speedy Gonzales. I WAS GOING TO SAVE MYSELF SOME MONEY BY PUTTING JUST A DASH OF BLONDE IN MY HAIR: I was excited immensely because I was going to surprise my loving husband with a new look. I told him I needed to go to the Hardware store which was across the street to get something special.

Bill being the ever so loving hubby says: “Go For it Honey, I will go pick up the kids.”

I walked the 100 feet across the street. Bud was working that day: Bud was one of the nicest neighbors I could say I ever met. He always had a smile on his face that ran ear to ear. He knew all his customers by their first name plus He knew who your children were.

I said, “Hi Bud,  where’s your Draino?”

“Why do you need draino Donna, do you got yourself a plugged drain? I’ve got a snake I’ll loan ya.”

“It’s a surprise, Bud, you just never mind what I need it for. It never failed anytime I went to see Bud,  I knew it would take me fifteen minutes before I got away. Most times, I didn’t mind because Bud was a genuinely caring man.

He asked, “How are the kids? How’s Jessie doing? You know you and the kids could come to the ranch and ride our horses anytime honey and I will have the wife fix us something to eat and we could ride horses and have a picnic. How is the Cafe doing? Are you staying busy”?

I had to return the favor in kind conversation: “I saw your son and grandson today. It looks like your staying busy. How are the horses”?

Then Bud remembers why I came in.”Oh yeah, the Draino is over here”. We walked over to the shelves where the Draino was supposed to be but my heart sunk when there was no Draino. “Well Donna, I have this liquid plumber, that should work just like the draino”.

I was thinking, “Hmm Tracy was specific about draino, but what the hell was my next thought”. “Yeah, I will get the liquid plumber”. I made my purchase and with the liquid plumber in hand, I jetted across the street as fast as I can. I had a mission to get this job started. No dilly-dallying around for me. No sirree. Boy won’t, Bill,  be surprised with my new look and by gosh look at all the money I am saving. The anticipation of my new look made me all giggly inside. I got into the house which was located in a separate building from the Cafe; It was painted Smurf blue with bright darker smurf blue. I was trying for a certain look but it did not match my imagination. Neither was this dumb blonde move I was going to make. Oh yea or oh no…Yikes.

Bill was in the living room with the kids watching TV. He said: “Hey Babe whatcha doing?”

“You never mind Honey. You stay in the living room until I surprise you.”

“Woohoo, I like surprises especially from you.”(He is such the perfect husband) I thought this experiment would go off without hitch…I opened this tall bottle of the liquid plumber and put my head over the sink because by this point I had decided to go all blonde. I poured the liquid plumber over all my hair and proceeded to slosh and lather it up. A weird reaction started to happen though. My hair started to get extremely warm. Then warmer. And then it started really getting hot. I shrieked and screamed like I had been stabbed with a knife. Bill was up to his feet lickety-split standing looking at me with an “Oh my God honey what did you do to yourself look”…

I am frantic at this point. I am crying and sobbing and trying to tell him as fast as I could what I did. What do I do about what I had just done? I am starting to get hysterical as you can imagine.

He said in a very astonished look in his eyes. “You did what? Really? Liquid plumber?” Then came the laughing at my dumbest blonde move ever? “Bill I need help, quit laughing please I am serious this is burning? ”

Rinse it off until the burning quits.”

That makes sense: The solution to pollution is dilution. I proceeded to run my head under the water but it did not do that? Oh f*ck no… It started to melt right in my hand. I couldn’t believe this horrific thing was happening. “Bill it’s not working my hair is melting”.

Bill who is still laughing his ass off at me, looks at me and shrugs his shoulders, “Well, Donna I don’t know what to tell you to do, I have never put liquid plumber on my head.I would have never done that honey”.

“Well that’s great…F*ck you Bill. You’re making fun of me when I need your sincere help here. You are about to be married to a bald woman and all you can do right now is laugh at me”? I had all these thoughts running through my head. One thought was think think, then the next thought was Oh yea Donna you really were thinking and you think thinking is going to help you now. I really fucked up. Oh my God I am only 30 and I am going to be bald by my own frickin hand. How the fuck am I going to explain this to my customers. Oh yeah,  I put liquid plumber on my head. Dam, dam , dam and triple dam. That triggered the neutralizer. Ah ha, I yelled, VINEGAR..That should work. Bill run into the restaurant and grab that gallon of vinegar. “Please run as fast as you can”. He actually ran as quick as he could. Zoom out one door, run along some old weathered two by twelve getter cha byer sidewalk boards , in the restaurant and back again. It took one minute tops. Bill handed me the vinegar and I poured 1/2 that gallon on my head. It worked and stopped the processing of the liquid plumber but my long hair was now just below my ears and frizzled and fried like it had all caught fire. I cried all that night about my stupidity. I will call the salon in the morning and have her fix it. She did fix my hair. She laughed the whole time but not at me but with me. Do not ever ever try this experiment. Take my word for it. It is not a serendipity experiment that worked in this case. It was pure stupidity! It will fry your hair. It is the dumbest blonde move I ever made. I am no longer blonde unless I go to the salon. I do blame my dumb mistakes on my blonde roots or would that be the liquid plumber?


The names in this true story have been changed to save face:


Bessie, Jimmy, and Susie Q were best friends in high school. Jimmy worked at the country store. The store belonged to his loving and dedicated mother. Susie Q lived at the ranch next door to the country store. Susie Q was best friends with Bessie. The triangle of friends rode the same yellow Country School bus to school every day together for years. They were a close-knit group of friends confiding in each other everything as teenagers do.

When Susie Q entered the Tenth grade she went away to a school on the East Coast leaving the triangle of friends broken. This opened up the fate for Bessie and Jimmy to fall in teenage first Love. It was a match made in heaven for the young couple. Whenever Susie Q came home for visits, the close-knit triangle of friends would spend quality friendship time together. Jimmy confided to Susie Q one winter snowy day in December. He wanted to get a really special gift for Bessie.

“You should buy Bessie some Perfume from Macy’s at the North town mall. We can pretend unbeknownst to Bessie that you are really buying perfume for your mom and not for her Christmas. That way she’ll be surprised” said Susie Q

“That is the plan. We will go shopping and when Bessie falls in love with the perfect perfume, that will be the one I buy.”

Jimmy, Susie Q, and Bessie entered Macy’s at the north door. They proceeded to the perfume counter. Bessie fell a pace or two behind the group. She was trailing them ever so slightly for a good reason as a human need came across Bessie in the walk. Her but cheeks caused an itch inside her rectum. It happens from time to time if you know what I mean. Bessie was very quick-handed at this. The need to itch that was personal was quickly taken care of. She itched her ass and it was done. After this personal action,  she speeded up her step, to catch up with her friends.

Jimmy was at the counter. “Babe, let me spray this Sensuous(TM) perfume on you.”

Bessie was excited to comply with her young lovers’ request. She stuck out an arm so Jimmy could get the proper spray of the perfume just perfect. Poof went the perfume almost getting Bessie in the nose as she had smelt it.

Bessie stuck her hand up to Jimmy’s nose so he could take a big ole whiff. He sucked in a huge whiff. He sniffed Bessie’s ass finger. “What do think Jimmy?” asked Bessie

Jimmy fell backward from the intense odor and said: “Ooh my God, that smells like ass!”

Bessie, of course, remembered she had just scratched her ass fell on the floor in the middle of Macy’s laughing her ass off. SusieQ asked what happened.  Jimmy was shocked at Bessie’s behavior. Bessie catches her breath long enough to tell SusieQ,  what had just transpired. This, of course,  sends SusieQ over the edge in front of the perfume counter at Macy’s.  Jimmy of course was not laughing but today I am sure he does when ever he goes by perfume counter. I know I sure do.

The lesson is you can never be too careful when taking a big ole whiff of perfume, because it may just smell like ass! I am sure Heaven had a good laugh that day too.

The Abusing Boogieman Monster of the Sea

Abusers understand Control. The abusers  exercise controlling behavior, physical abuse,degradation and psychological methology over their victim. They make the victim feel ashamed of who they are. This abuse is not a one time incident. It is a torture that can last years or even lifetimes. I am not a Doctor but I personally have walked on the road of hard knox. I have walked in the shoes of an abused child and of an abused woman. Deep down sisters,brothers and friends in your gut you know what I am saying is true. We know when they are abusing us but sometimes you choose your prison because the alternative is much worst. So whats a person do. You plan your forever escape and your healing plan. I personally don’t trust therapy or happy pills. Its a bunch of crap. I researched how all that got started and the original founders had issues.  Based on that foundation, who can trust that.  The true help comes from Good neighbors,Friends but most of all Give it to the God. Seek the Word of truth. He heals our spirit which is wounded beyond our capacity to carry this pain. He heals the wounded soul. Here is the signs of the Abusing Boogieman Monster of the Sea:

1)Hates women in General      2)Has a bad temper         3)Hates Mom or Dad

4)Many traffic tickets,stealing,lying,has affairs with other people.



7)No memory of Abusive events,Tells you, that its in your imagination

8)Criticizes everything about you,makes you feel guilty,chooses out your clothes

9)Alienates you from family and friends

10) Controls the money

11)Physically abuses you

12) Pushes you

The Other signs are: Says you abused him: Won’t let you use a phone:Tries to change who you are; Holds your history against you:Says I was just kidding/Teasing you: Very jealous and Possessive: Irresponsible,goes from job to job and never takes responsibility for his actions: Acusses you of cheating: Too intense,too fast: Says “I Love you after one date”:Immediately talks about Marriage: No Close friends: No respect for your body: Always pointing out your flaws:Rough play:Frienghtens children,animals and general does not like kids: Sexual Agressive: NEVER admits fault or blame: Know-it-all: Plays mind games:Jokes about women: Not close to his Mom or sisters: Controls your family:He makes threats and ultimatums:Sucidal:Calling you bitch,cunt,whore: Your no good: Your lucky I put up with you:Your a shit mom:Makes it difficult for you to work:Spies on you in everything you do: Questions you about where you’ve been and why didn’t you get back in the right amount of time: Finding little things to hit you on eg: (You were checking out that guy:Bam You smiled at that guy: Bam Then it just might come out of left field: Bam-You question why you just got hit: “I didn’t like the fucking Look on your face: Any,all or No reasons to hit you: If you stay with this kind of Man: You will DIE from injuries or HE WILL EVENTUALLY KILL YOU! The abuse might start so innocently that it sneaks up on you and then you feel its too late your stuck. In that case their are sisters,shelters,friends and the compassionate ones. If the man shows these signs, he is a poison PufferFish,monster of the sea or the snake in the ground. You want to throw him back into the Sea of Men. Please here my words: There are wonderful Good Fish that are like the Dolphin. There is hope because of the Good Loving Man which is a different blog:



Sister Maria

When I was 20 years old I was a wounded soul and a battered woman. I was very young and dumb. I had returned to my apartment after spending time in a Spokane’s Woman Shelter whose location is a secret. I had made a solemn promise to never reveal its location. I have kept that promise.  I was legally separated, but Ex kept coming around. He slowly wormed his way back into the apartment. He kept wanting me to undo the separation.  I couldn’t trust him. Time and time again my Ex would be nice until the next beating.

That summer I met Sister Maria. She was Catholic. Sister Maria said it was important for me to become Catholic to save that worthless marriage. I so loved the Lord and wanted to do right in his eyes. At the time my dumb broad thoughts were: “Maybe the beatings were my fault because I wasn’t serving the Lord right.” You think unclear when you are a battered woman. I also wanted the beatings to stop and I had not studied Catholicism. Sister Maria lived her whole day serving God. She had a routine- Get up and say the rosary. Have breakfast and pray. Take a walk and pray. Say the rosary. Eat lunch pray. Have tea in the afternoon and pray. Tea time was usually when we would hang out for a couple hours. Sister Maria was always talking to God. She served God every waking moment and I think in her sleep she was serving God. She taught me about saying the Rosary and what it meant to be the Old Catholic faith, not the new Catholic faith according to Sister Maria. I went to Church with her, prayed with her and served God. I read and read my bible. Ex went ballistic on my new found Catholic enlightenment. Then one day I couldn’t find the hairbrush. My Jeanie had put it in the sink which was full of dishes. She was 20 months old. Ex starts pushing me and pulling my hair dragging me down the hall. “Bitch find that fuckin hairbrush.”

“I don’t know where it is, sobbing as the tears start burning and tingling as they ran down my face.  I am scrambling trying to find the hairbrush. By then we are in the kitchen and he’s slugging me across the face. ‘You fuckin dumb bitch, you can’t fuckin do anything right. You’re fucking worthless”. He grabs me by the arm and swings my broken spirited body across the floor. He then grabs my bible and throws it at me. Then with the audacity of evil spite,  he says to me laughingly  “Ha bitch where’s where your God now”? That was fighting words to me. I got up and grabbed the kids and was going to leave. He ever so gracefully grabbed the babies and laid them on the floor in the living room. It’s as if it all happened in slow motion…He turned around and yanked the phone out of the wall, pushed me down on the hallway floor and wrapped the telephone cord around my neck… Squeezing ever so tightly. While he’s strangling me, he looks at me with his dark evil ruthless eyes and says: “How’s it feel to know you’re fucking going to die?”

I start to panic and pray. “Oh Please Lord don’t let me die. I want to raise my babies. Oh Lord, please… I am sorry I am a sinner..Please, God sends your angel to save me.” I started to see my comforting dream as I was losing consciousness.  Then there was banging on the front door from Sister Maria. Sister Maria didn’t wait for anybody to answer. Ex got off me as soon as Sister Maria walked in.

She started helping me with my babies. “Alright honey, you promised me we would have tea”. She had heard my screaming and the Lord told her to come help me. She looked at me ever so gracious and smiled and said: “I always do what my Lord commands because we love each other”.

You never know if you have been called to be one of God’s earth angels or if you have met one of God’s Angels. Sister Maria was my earth Angel who came to my rescue by God’s command and the answer to my prayer.


Essence of Time

I know there are many children of the father who had been taught “To FEAR“. I know I sought help from the churches of man because of fear. I went to seek and comfort my wounded soul. I went for help and doors were shut. Many Churches urged me to stay on the path back to the Father. Some pushed me away from the Father,my brothers,my sisters,my angels and all my people that await me in the spiritual universe. The place where time is but an essence and our spirits flow unhindered from a physical imperfect body.   My Lord always was beside me urging to find the truth. I know there are many children of the Father,if there wasn’t then existance would not exist beyond the essence of time. Do we not have the electrical signals that flows through our physical bodies. Beyond the control of Science and acceptance by science is the essence of Time past,present and future. It is a Scientific phenomena and the Theory of Relativity applies to Time and travel of the speed of light. There are millions upon millions of signals all around us. Some heard,felt and unfelt.

I recall when I was nine years old going to the Bapist Church a block away from my home. I had noone to seek help from. It had been the worst two years of my life. The previous year, spring of 1970. I had been kidnapped,molested and tortured by a Boogieman that was like a man named TED Bundy. Lookied like him,sounded like him,had the same MO like him. I will neverknow for sure who my Boogieman was but GOD knows.The case was never solved. Back then you received no help.  Noone seemed to care!  Even the Spokesman Review who I was doing paper Routes for at eight years old put in a little brief mention. Sad that noone cared that these young young girls had been molested and raped. The following year was the major car accident which marked my face with this huge scar. A seven is my mark. It is a mark of high honor and I accept that you know a persons heart by how they look at their sister or brother. It was a hard lesson to learn. A nine year does not understand that lesson, she only understands the burdens,pain and the fear. Around the corner does she not see the Boogieman coming to grab her again? True fear. I cry for Shasta from North Idaho who carries that same burden. Her burden is much heavier for she endured much longer. One day, she will let go as one must for peace of her tortured soul.

The lesson at the church was. “YOU MUST FEAR THE LORD.” This truely frightened me because I was already afraid and now I have to be afraid from the one I seek help from? This confused me so I raised my hand again. What if my Lord is the one who I seek and I am not afraid of him. She then said: Child then you will burn in hell! Oh my, was I ever scared then. I had to leave almost immediately because I could not be afraid of my Father in Heaven. I cried and talked out loud to my Lord. I was upset that a church would frighten me away. Thats fine I said to my Lord. I will just pray to you always and I am sorry my Lord but I can not and will not be afraid to worship you and be with you. Churches pushing Fear from the Father is wrong in my opinion because people can not fear to come to the one that comforts. Why do the Churches push away Gods children by using fear from the Father. You see other Churches using Fear to keep Gods children away from him. Somehow or Someway I beleive there is the possibility that Fear is misunderstood or it was written without the Not. Why would God send his staff to protect you if you feared him? I can not fear the one I Love or then I would not Love him. I Love that essence of time will be the day I shall see and travel through beyond Mans understanding. The more Science tries to unravel essence of Time the more they discovery that electrical signals,light transfer,black energy,worm holes and other PFM(pure F**kin magic) are interconnected. I know,  oh my cussing ? Well my Lord knows I have little southern rebel in me and its hard to control that. He understands me and accepts my imperfections. Who among Us that have children, understand a little rebellion in each child. You accept your child. You Love your child. You teach your child. Children worship the Parent,then the rebellion  TEEN years and finally when that child turns twenty five then you become wise to them again.  All the different phases the Parent remains steadfast and true to that eternal Love. My God remaines steadfast and true to his eternal Love for me his rebellion child who understands essence of time!


What has changed around this Planet? I am talking from Ocean to Ocean. Most everyone and everybody is in fear of taking that leap. The Gap is wide across the deep Valley haunted by the dispirit in peoples eyes. Wheres the sunshine gone? Do you not see it. LOOK< LISTEN AN FEEL. What do we no longer do on this Planet. Our brothers and sisters falling to there knees because there is no work. Men are taking to the street and taking their anger out on inocent souls that never hurt noone. If there ain’t no work then by gosh do anything!

Why is there no work? Neighbors from our past got together weekly,daily and monthly,yearly. At these gatherings Neighbor Tom needs something from Neighbor Jezra. The dances of getting together no longer exists. I see complete Neighborhoods deterioting right in front of me. Drive through the towns and look. I was a Realtor for about 8 years.  I have seen Coastal towns along Oregon Coast almost seem more like Ghost Towns. I was there in 1992 and went there 2 years ago. Detriot,Middle Eastern countries,Greece,France,Israel,China,Town after town are falling down. The difference from 1970 to now is the difference from peak to peak on a sine wave .They are out of phase by 180 degrees.  Our neighborhoods are Deterioting. Our cities are falling apart. Noone rakes and keeps the lawn mowed.

Having a pretty yard and a pretty house is pleasing to you and your neighbors besides helping the market values. Doing these things are also healthy for your body,brain and spirit. It lifts you up. Its a start. Remeber when you teach a child to walk you do it one step at a time.

When Jeanie(5),Donnie(4) and Jessie(1) were very young. I was  on the way to being divorced from the Cheater and I was on welfare. I had a plan,I was going to start college in April 1985.I had filed my own divorce. I think the book was only $10 at the time. I was 22 and on my second divorce. I was getting to be a Pro at this. I just was not going to stand for having a Man walk all over me! No Sir ree. I had made sworn Promises to my self after my Last beating from the Beater on Thanksgiving 1982. ” No Man would ever lay on hand me if I had something to say about it.”  No Man would lay a hand on my babies either. When you make a Promise, you should keep it. The person you let down when you don’t keep your word is YOU! There is honor and Principle in a Persons word. Their word is part of their Book self. It shames me when a Person lies to my face.Does it not you too?  Its the Principle of it ! Honor is you and in you. Honor and principle go to the core of your soul. Your word is a chapter in your self book of life.

Unfortunately Murphy’s law once again crossed my path. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. December 1st, 1984. I had a fire in an Apt that my Children and I were living in. My children and I survived and thats REALLY all thats matters. Material Crap can be replaced but eternal Love Angels are my everything.  How blessed to escape that one by the skin of our noises.  It was mighty cold and I didn’t have shoes. My car did not get hurt. I had a Chevy Caprise that I was making $60 a month payments on. Good thing nothing happened to that car.  The Red Cross helped us with a double bed,kitchen table and chairs. I got beds for Jeanie and Donnie.I also got these really cool brand new towels.  I actually was blessed to have gotten some of my dishes.

I had no money,not a dime to my name by January 1985. So I asked myself that good ole street wise question. “Donna,how can I earn a HONEST buck to take care of these beautiful Angels my sweet Lord bestowed upon me.” I needed everything you can think of. . It took every penny I had, to pay the rent plus a small deposit. I had no money left. Then it snowed. I have never been so happy to see that answered prayer.

I shoveled as many driveways and sidewalks I could that evening. I must have shoveled at least 4 or 5 driveways. If you know me then you know that no matter what the work is do your best.Be the best shoveler I told myself that night. Theres just no point in dilly dalling around. Work fast and effecient and always smile because it is uplifting to you besides it will get you more work. Work is the clue. Do better then the best you think you can. Work hard at being the best no matter the job.Be the best darn yard raker. Be the best janitor. I look at the world and see leader after leader having this contest of who can make my neighbors and friends suffer the most. It breaks this grandmas heart.  Its more about spirit of giving your all in all that you do.  Finishing a job is the reward and the reward is moving forward. If anytime your down in the dumps. Look at the happy things. Find the happy hill is the pill.

Why have we lost that drive? That get up Go mojo? WE DO NOT GET TOGETHER WITH OUR NEIGHBORS and what else? People I believe are brainwashed and asleep in their lives! Close your eyes and what do you see. We have no time for neighbors and get togethers and work because we are watching television,on the computer obeying the Government or watching out for the Boogie men. They may be coming knocking on your door to hurt you or evn kill you. They may try to take your children. WHY do the boogiemen come? Whats scary is you can’t tell if the boogieman is from the Government or from the one that is evil,ill, depressed, and needs to feed his family.He may be the evil one with the demon possessed heart!  Cold and evil that sends a chill down your spine types. We have to watch our backs when we leave our property. Whats even more frightening, is would the government Care? I know theres places on this Planet that they don’t. Here in America. Certain Government workers have told me they don’t Care. Even these so called great governments have come taken there people and there just Gone?? Out to the great blue yonder. People do not leave their families. WHY? WHY? WHY? There is no work! Get to work on being a good neighbor and we fix 99% of our issues. I don’t recall applying for a government job? Do you? I don’t recall ever being asked to fund these HUUUUUUUUUUUge Government retirement plans. We just need to fire the government out of our lives. Get together with your neighbors. Plan your work and then work your plan. Do you feel it in your pit of your stomach?

The Muslim Prince

I write this because maybe it will reach out to my good friend who taught me that there are two brothers of Islam.  There is the brother that is full of hate and looks for the infidel and the other brother who Loves. One brother takes parts of there Book and focus’s on there jihad and forgets that Allah is the God of all. Why would a God want to see his followers be murders of innocense. Why then would God the all Loving want blood which is the color of red blackening his beautiful Masterpeices. We ourselves ignore the suffering of what their faith has been through. The anger is of mens hearts is not that of a all Loving God.

I had just had my daughter Jessie. She was a beautiful red head. She had a crowing glory that radiated from her. My next door neighbor was in Love with a Muslim man from Saudia Arabia. She asked me to give her a ride to see him. I said Fine. You may visit him but I will wait with you so I can give you a ride home. We arrived at his Apartment which was on the Northside of Spokane Washington in August of 1984. There were two Muslim men. One was her boyfriend. I call the mean one. The other was truely a Prince.

I was holding Jessie and feeding her while my neighbor was trying to talk to her boyfriend who had also invited other girls to his apartment.I took my baby upstairs to sleep on the Princes bed. The mean one was being mean and cruel to my friend by pushing her away and kissing the other girls. My girlfriend was crying over this  situation and bad treatment. I saw him hit her upon returning downstairs.  You can only guess how upset this made me to see this going on. Well I went mamabear on the mean one. I got in his face and used a few choice words. The Prince  ran up between I and the mean one because the mean one was getting ready to hit me. I responded fine, lets leave now.

I walked back upstairs to grab my baby. The prince followed. I was wrapping my baby up when the Prince looked at her with amazement of Jessie’s Beauty. I had named Jessie after Jesus. She grew up and named her son Christian. Christian means a follower of Christ. His name fits him.

The Prince told me: “I am truely a Prince you know.” I am thinking yea right. I nodded my head and said, “Sure and I am a man.” He said: “Here I will prove it. He then grabbed my hand and walked me to the closet and sure enough he showed me his purple royal garbs. They were the most beautiful clothes I had ever seen.

Then he explained to me that not all Muslims are like my friend. Not all muslims are hateful to their fellow man. I follow Allah but do not follow hate. The infidel is actually hate. Allah is “the Compassionate”  and “the Merciful” (al-raḥīm). Creation and ordering of the universe is seen as an act of prime mercy for which all creatures sing God’s glories and bear witness to God’s unity and lordship. God responds to those in need or distress whenever they call. Above all, God guides humanity to the right way, “the holy ways.

I Love God just as you do. I do not have a blackened heart. Then he looked at Jessie and said:”I want to marry your child when she grows up.” This threw me off guard. I looked at my kind Muslim Prince and said: “I thank you as her mother for your kind proposal but I could not and would not do that to my child because of what just happened downstairs. I am sorry but the answer is No.” He then said:’ “Please always think about it. Remember too that we are not all like my friend. Some of us Charish and protect women. We just have to be careful because we can not stand up to the hateful ones or then we would be killed.”

I realised then as I do now that their are Muslims that do look at their Book of self and want their book to shine. They can not come forward because if they do then the hateful ones will destroy them.

I know in my heart they pray to the same God. Some pray with Love in their hearts while others pray with hate. The hateful ones do not look beyond a certain passage just as they do not look beyond their reflection. They see with their eyes and not the spirit of God that is a Loving and all Powerful God. There are some Americans that realise that their are two Muslims just as there are two Americans. There are two opposites even in the Muslim faith. one is evil and one is good. One serves themselves and one serves the Loving God. Muhammed inspired you to come to the Gate but who shall enter the kingdom of God is determined by whether you have a book left in the Library. What pages are added to our book and what pages are taken away.

The USA just wants to protect our homeland. We too are divided. We too have two neighbors. One neighbor wants control while the other neighbor just wants to live on their side of the fence with peace and enjoyment of their families,Property and their bodies,mind and soul.

There comes the moment when you must reflect and ask yourself the question: “Have I been a Good Neighbor.” Two commandments  allows all commandments in the eyes of God to be fullfilled. You live by these two and everything falls into place. 1) Love thy God with all thy heart and 2)Love thy neighbor. The last thing the Prince said to me: “Do not judge all muslims to be like my friend, promise me?” I said, I am not God and only God can be the final Judge. I will promise to know in my heart that there are kind muslims such as yourself.” I beleive that.

To my Muslim brother and sisters with the kind hearts: Know that your struggles are tough and God understands for he is a parent just as we are his children. He wants his children to come to him and serve him and not serve the hateful ones that want to destroy your neighbor.

To my Muslim Brothers and sisters with the hateful hearts: You preach that you must destroy the unbeleivers. You therefor must look at your reflection and truely ask in your heart? Would a Loving God have a hateful Heart? Would a Loving God want you to be filled with vile hate towards your brother. Just as God banished Cain so he will also banish other murders of innocent souls in the Kingdom of God. You write or erase the pages in your book of self in the Lords Library!

Many Books

I look at my reflection in the mirror and I ponder on what my book of self is about and where is it going. What are the pages of me that are written in my book of life. This physical life is only a chapter in the great BIG BOOK OF LIFE.  And you? What is your book about? Whats important to you my friend?  What is your reflection. I have a scientific degree so I am one who stands back and analyses. I am on the outside looking in. I see not with my eyes but with my heart,soul and mind. Where is the problem? What compassion do we feel? Have not your experiences taught you to be strong? YES they have. Just look at the reflection in the mirror and what do you see? You know for everything that exists known and unknown there is an opposite. There is up and down and in and out. There is positive and negative. Good and Evil. Angels and Demons. TIME past and present. We know not the future for that chapter is not yet written or rewritten.That is where there is choice. Its your choice to make your book of self shine, correct and edit.  Most of all there is, THE SPIRITUAL AND THE PHYSICAL book of self.

What are the many books, in Gods library? What does your book look like in his Library? I could imagine how wonderful it would feel to run my hands across the many books.

Look at your reflection, who do you see. I am not talking pride,hoity toity,fancy schmancy,I am so much better then you refection and I am above you type answer. You get the drift.The genuine YOU!  You know your story!

The Churches of man are religions. To each church of man their book is the truth and way. But I say that they are many books in Gods library. There are many great authors. We are ourselves a book. What is your story to the reflection you see.  I see the Torah,Bible ,Buddhist,Hindu,Native American etc and they all had great authors.

Now the question arises. Did they have great editors,rewrites,translators and orators? Really? They were after all, from the sea of man and women of the earth.(We women are beautiful flowers in the garden of my Lord BTW). I raised lots children grown and grand babies still little, I hundred percent guarantee that they or we are not perfect. believe it or not we make mistakes!

Do not your children make you laugh? We must crack up the Lord all the time. I believe our Lord has many librarians checking out your book of self. We are all children of God and don’t you think its time to dust off your book of self? I, myself am writing my book of self. I shared with a good friend on twitter the name of book. My book is of many colors  is  like the rainbow. My Canvas is not yet finished being painted by me but when it’s through it will be my masterpiece that will surround my book of self called many rainbows. When we meet someday friends, please by all means check out my book. I am sure to many of  you  this will make you laugh! Your life is your life and your book of self is your life  and this is your creation. The spiritual is just the binding that holds it all together. Every Book has its binding.

I am human in this physical body and us humans even crack ourselves up. Thank you Comedians!

Rainbows, my book of many colors is in the making. I learned to open my eyes when explaining to my son Ben what a rainbow looks like. Rainbows consists of many colors just as we do. We need all parts of the rainbow to show how glorious it is. Look how beautiful it shines.  If I explain these things that I see it opens my eyes to see what is in my heart,brain and soul. I see a painting in all of us.

The book of the evil man must have lots of blacked out pages and ripped out pages. The book in the corner back in the secret places must be a book of self that hurts the little babies,the mammas,the papa’s,brothers,sisters and my friends. The name of those black books are written by the killers,rapists and child molesters. You know your name and who you are! I know my name. I tell you my story. I am human and I have sinned! You are my neighbor and my friend and I sincerely hope when my magnetism,spirit and soul returns to our Lords Library I hope to look at your book and maybe you at mine!

Oh be a great Neighbor and Friend and reflect on what kind of book you want to be in our Lords library. It is as we speak! That which is being edited and written. Lets get reading and put on our dancing shoes and celebrate for it’s a great day to be living in this story of our book of self. This story of many books was inspired by my neighbors and friends. the emails and  my followers and to me you are my many earth angels!

We must stand together for we see the same sunshine and at night we look to the heavens and wonder what is this book of life all about! The time has come. What is your book of self and who do you serve? What have you erased from your book of self! I send you Gods glorious sunshine to light up your path. Your Friend and neighbor always Donna Lands, like grains of many sands and many surrounding hands!

A Righteous Neighbor

A Righteous Neighbor

Written by Donna Lands originally written June 4th, 2012 ©

When you come to be, you were formed in a neighborly fashion.Your first neighbor happens to be the heartbeat of your mothers eternal Love…First true peace.Your Next neighbors are your dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… and others that adore you…you are adored by all and you find the second peace. Then you meet your next neighbors your friends, teachers, Love of your life, fellow workers, neighbor next door, Lady across Town, maybe the fellow across the State, your children and grandchildren. Maybe some meet their Neighbor across the Country or across the ocean or maybe across this planet… One day you come to the realization and pinnacle of your life and ask Universal question? Am I good to my neighbors? My friend this  is the third peace… Did I do right by my Moms eternal Love? Did I do justice by my neighbor? Did I do right by my God or soul? Did my Government act like a “Law abiding Neighbor? Government can not fix our problems for we must help rebuild ourselves up ..”ONE NEIGHBOR AT A TIME” Come on my good neighbor there’s got to be someone on your neighbor list that you can be a righteous neighbor to! You only need to find it in your soul to act not just speak this Universal question Am I good to my neighbors?  Remember a Good neighbor is as a Good Neighbor does!



Sometimes our suffering teaches us to understand what God endears everyday.Erased comes to mind. God is Love and Love is in our hearts.  We search for Love throughout our lives. We justify Love. Love is eternal beacuse you can truely Love someone more then all the stars in the Universe beyond what is seen or unseen. You can Love more then every grain of sand upon every known planet from this galaxy to all the galaxies. Love that is infinate that was before and will last to the eons of time , time before time was known. I know eternal Love for I am a Parent. BUT WHAT IF your child erased you?  You still Love that child. You tell yourself, “My child will come back to me. I know it in my heart. My Love is eternal. ” The pain of having that Love ripped from your chest is excruating.The heart ripped in half thrown to ground stomped on, spit on and denied.   Being erased is a WHY question. Why? Why do you want to hurt me like this. You know I Loved you? Did I not give you Life?  I watched you grow,take your first step,say your first words. I was there when you said, “I wuf you,dank of wata pease”, I was there when you started school, when you got married,when you were sick and the list could cover a book. I was always there and you still erased me. I AM STILL HERE!

Maybe our punishment is because we erased him who Loved us so much. Maybe that was our lesson. To actually feel what it feels like to be erased. I know we must stop erasing God from our lives because we are hurting him. We are ripping out his heart. He is our Father, yet we hurt his children. We do not give our neighbor our love. Most neighbors never meet each other anymore. To find true peace write God back into your heart. Write Love back into your soul.  Being erased may be worst then death because you are reminded of being banished from the one  that you Love eternally forever and always!