2nd blog of crap

Well if you read my first blog..then your intelliegence would have caught the error..but was it a error? Or is that just Crap! Well Honey, sorry to burst your bubble but I am not no Erin Brovakovitch..but I am more like a Joanna which derives from the name Joan which means Precious of the Lord! You see I needed every prayer in the world to take on a sewage treatment Facility…Crap I know all about Crap!!! I know whats in crap,how its processed..Sometimes crap in means crap out..Lok what happens when you feed crap into a amplifier..Crap in Crap out! That was the beiginning of my flight and fight. I had to choose which way this fighting spirit Mama would go…They did not like me very well..MY NEIGHBORS! Yep I got in their face,got crazy and generally got super frickin pist off! Went to meeting after meeting,got on the net evryday to learn about sewers..I let public records help.. There is a huge huge book the Department of Ecology puts out called the Orange book..I learned that book cover to cover..It really mounted up to some super crappy reading! Whoever thinks about how far  the spraying of sewage treated water can be sprayed. Who thinks about the microscopic parasites that can get into a spec of water..How that spec of water can get into your water and on and on and so forth. Folks for all of you that swim in Rivers or ocean keep in mind that, that is where they WILL eventually dump the frickin crap. Thats no sh*t!  That is also not a figurately point..You whomever reads this can take that to the Bank! Be careful of where you swim but minimum DO DRINK THE WATER! Also for who works at these ficilities especially the rural ones think about the spray seeping down near the potable well they dug for your drinking water! People are not aware when a sewage treatment facility gases go beyond what you can smell its then that it can become lethal. So why the F**K do you think I faught with my Government!

Some of my neighbors could have cared less..they lined up to f**K me out of my dream or they stood idely by while they others were willing to F**K without my permission! I felt like I was being raped…What the dumbasses had no clue about was this  Rock n Roll, Smart,educated, buisiness woman had been to a few rodeos in her life..Damm I know how to come up fighting! What does a  person do when destruction is upon your doorstep or on your person. You don’t over-reacte! You look around your environment and then you make a plan and then you work your plan. Stay focused on the Objective and the Goal!

Now you can understand why I really do understand Crap!

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