Virgin Blog of Crap

 Blog of crapMy very first blog. I feel like a virgin in the blog world. Please excuse my inexperience besides the fact I am also multi-tasking..I am a jump around writer so pay attention if you so desire. If not, then well don’t let the click click your fingers when you press that X in the corner.

Maybe you have had a crappy day and just want to read about someones else crappy day or you just want to hear someone truely speak their mind!

1) Do you find that our Protectors of our freedoms constantley try to put jelly on their crappy sandwiches and then try to feed us the crap. They think we won’t figure out that thats just a sh***y sandwich after all. Whats even crappier about that is half of America buys that crappy sandwich they stuff down our throats..

Talk about crap..Try having the Government put a crappy crap sewage facility across from your all american dream property! How would you react? Well I know how I reacted! I put on my best dam Joanne Brovockavich outfit and strutted on down to the Health department..Wow I must say He was the nicest gentleman I ever met. I will never forget his exact words; Donna you must do all in your power to protect your property because I can tell you that NO GOVERNMENT AGENCY WILL! He guided me and pushed me beyond I even thought was my cabilities.

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