True Colors

I read lots of older books. The vintage authors were more fluent and it is often reflected in their writings. Authors also tend to give an opinion of oneself…They often reflect their personal points of view of life in general. Some writers will give you that uppercut in words that hit you with a WTF, where did that come from…Yikes

I hope my 28 year old doesn’t see my blog.. She would be flabberghasted. Her boyfriend asked us for her hand in marriage  He is Dolphin in the sea of Men… He is one you don’t want to throw back. He’s a mother’s dream pick. He fits the list for the characters of a good man.

1) He’s a Pediatrician. You know he’s great with kids and he has a heart of gold!

2) He puts my daughter on a Pedestal.

3)He puts my grandson on a Pedestal

4) He loves his mom but he is not a mama’s boy

5) He has enough assholeness to be a challenge …You don’t want too much asshole or the fish has to be thrown overboard…

6) He beleives in the LORD!

7) No criminal record

8) He’s not a beater and a cheater

The above is in my opinion, the top qualities…As long as Dan stays within that list then the marriage will last a lifetime…You really never know truly what the spouse’s true colors are until after the marriage.

I met a woman in a woman’s shelter in Jacksonville Florida and she told me the beginning story of her life. I will call her Jane Doe!

Jane had met her husband back in the 1930’s. It was a very difficult time during that era and women were expected to court. She met John and John was the perfect gentlemen for seven years while they had courted. Can you imagine courting someone that long? He was the flower giver and candy man type! Their wedding night  in 1941 would be the beginning of a long painful journey of a living hell. A hell full of demons and evil that no woman should endure! Did she try to leave him. Hell yea, but he was very rich and would drag her home. Remember at this time, women were expected to put up with it! Women had no shelters back in the 40’s,50’s,60″s and 70’S! This woman had endured broken bones, gunshot wounds, head traumas… and on and on and on… What was truly amazing about this angel I had met was I too was living my own torture of living hell.To have met this inspirational angel so far from home was because Jane was from my home of Spokane, Washington. What were the odds to be living in Jacksonville Florida and meet a woman from my home town?  I needed this inspiration at that point of my life for I was about three months pregnant with my second child and my firstborn was only four and half months old. Barely a newborn. What I did not like about Jacksonville’s shelters is the violent men knew where it was located. It was creepy for the women. They did not feel safe. The ladies would stand around the second floor and stare at all the hubby’s or boyfriends driving by. The men were nuts, They reminded me of animalistic lions out stalking their prey. To have this angel at that moment was a uplift to my very core. I needed that strength! Sometimes inner strength can move mountains! The creep btw at the time was my horrible first..i call him the Beater. My Angel is in Heaven and I have never told that story because I was sworn to secrecy! She had that much fear.  I would want her to know she was my only hope during my moment of dispair..She gave me strength when I truly needed it most…I Love you and thank you and this poem to you from me!

When I feel the sunshine on my back or the rays feathering through the trees,  I will think of you! When I see mountaintops with misty morning fog with just the right light shining through, I will think of your warm comforting touch upon my palms.

I  will think of your motherly embrace while you wiped my tears but most all I thank you for your motherly love. You gave me hope when all hope was lost. You showed me the shore in the sea of tears and you were my angel that took away all my fears.(end)

So you see, you truly never know a man until after you are married to them. That’s when a person’s true colors are revealed…Sometimes you have to throw the fish back into the sea of men even after the “I Do!”

UPDATE: They married and he is a super wonderful husband and they have a baby daughter together to add to their two sons.

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