Shame written by Billierae Lands

My daughter BillieRae wrote this for her English Class. First time I read it, I cried and then told her to add the last  two words because it truely does torture the soul. This is a awakening eye epener! I did see a picture of a baby at 12 weeks-The baby is fully formed, so it is a real crossraods decision-I do not beleive in abortion for myself-rape or not- I have my convections on my book of self. I as tax payer am opposed to my funds being used to kill a child no matter how it was planted. with the exception of Rape and incest.  Let me stress again, This is a crossraods decision and it is not mine to make for I understand a tortured soul. Their is always forgiveness my friend!

A rape victim will always experience shame. A victim of rape will remember every detail of the agonizing ordeal and try to block it out (but it never goes away). It is common for the victim to feel ashamed and constantly blame herself. Afterwards the victim feels unclean and assumes others look at her the same way. Along with the shame the victim feels afraid, angry, shock, denial, and the inability to hold onto any sort of stable relationship. Shame is what prevents many victims from speaking out or seeking help. It is the feeling you will experience when you are sure that someone will think poorly of you because you were assaulted. Shame is longer lasting and ultimately more dangerous than guilt because it affects the tortured soul.