What is Freedom here in the United States? Do you have the right to build a home off the lumber from your property. NO you have to go through the Government for a permit to cut the Logs you own! How about fishing on the Creek where you Own the water..mmmm so you think I don’t own the water..NO ACTUALLY MY  PROPERTY LINE GOES TO THE MIDDLE OF THE CREEK SO THEREFOR I own the water..but I  am not free to fish in it. How about when an animal tresspasses on my property, would I be free to shoot it? I mean after all it did tresspass on my property.Dam that deer, he pooped in my Park! He aught to be shot besides the fact he ate all my flowers! How about digging a well? Nope have to go through the Department of Ecology. What if I just wanted to dig a hole and create a small lake which I could and it would be beautiful..OMG I would have the EPA,DOE,FBI,Fish and Wild life and about 20 others agencies on my ass like a fly on shit! How about the freedom of earning a living any which way i feel fit..What if (not that I would) I wanted to build a big beautiful whore house! Not a chance. What if I wanted to just walk around my own property without a shirt? I would get arrested for exposing my breasts. What if I wanted to dig another septic..nope would have to pay the Government for that freedom. What about burning a slash pile- Nope Government wants a burn permit! What if I wanted to hold my gun and walk in protest in New York City or Washington DC..Not a chance..But if you had a 20,000,000 men and women do a Gun march then maybe..because they would have enough jail cells for us maybe that one could work! I think with 20,000,000 guns not even the Military would fuck with you. It would show the world we have the biggest army after all. Freedom to raise your family—No because the Government tells you how to care for them..Watch Out and beware in a matter of time you will have to put a chip in your children to know where they are. If you don’t put the chip in then you will be considered the bad parent..Maybe the Government aught to take every child that is born,their DNA..That way no-one from that generation could committ crimes. It would be a deterrent to future crimes..If the Government flys a drone over your home would you or could you jamb the signal and land the drone? The drone did tresspass. You after all own the space above and below your property. Regardless of what we beleive one thing is for sure when it comes to our Freedom..its the Lack of Freedom we have now. The Government now even wants full access to your searchs,your speech and what ever else you do on the internet to be controled by them. They even want to control what goes in your body,up your body and out your body…Government wants your soul like the Company store. If they had their would be shut up and put up..Go along to get along! Ride on us,get on the bus because its my way or the highway! No freedom except the voice in the wilderness that sings its chorus that noone hears except for the earthsong put out to the Unniverse!

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