Dream Comforter


When I was twelve years old, I prayed to my Lord for peace. I felt so alone in this world with no one to talk to but my Lord. I was tortured every day in school by mean boys. I had been in a car accident when I was nine. I had gone through the windshield of a 1954 car. The car had no seat belts. The accident had cut the right side of my face leaving a scar that was actually a seven. The scar covered my whole right side of my face.The boys were very cruel. The names and taunts made me cry every day for four years.”Donna dog face, scarface and you’re so ugly that no one will ever love you!” I prayed, that a day would come when I could handle the torture. I learned at a very young that the old saying of “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me:” did not work…To add salt to my the wounds I was very poor and lived in a place called lower Hillyard in Spokane Washington, which some would refer to as the ghetto.

So I gave my pain and torture away to my Lord and asked him to help me handle the pain. This dream has always helped me during all the stressful moments in my life. This dream took all my pain away and allowed me to stand tall. I knew I would be safe because I only had to remember my dream. It brought peace to my Spirit.
Dream Comforter.

I was running through this town…People were after me. They were seeking me out to destroy me. I was the last believer on this planet in my dream. The neighbors were after with me with pitchforks, shovels, and guns. They were raving maniacs. I reached the end of the town and there was nothing but empty space in front of me. There was nowhere to go. I got on my knees and prayed. I pleaded:

“Lord there is nowhere for me to go. I am facing my death. Please, I beg you to please save me. The most beautiful peaceful warmth came over me and I looked up and the clouds had departed and two beautiful hands came down and scooped me up. I felt at peace. I looked over the edge of my Lord’s hands as I floated towards Heaven. The neighbors were shouting, yelling and waving their weapons at me. I knew I was safe and at peace. I then curled up in my Lord’s hands, closed my eyes and went to sleep with the most peaceful feeling I have ever had.

That dream to this day gives me peace and comfort. The dream protected me even when I was tortured on this earth. I smile in my heart knowing that this comforting dream was bestowed upon me. I believe everyone has that special dream to comfort their souls. Seek they say,”you shall find.” You find joy in your life when you find peace in your heart.

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