Its in the “Word” dream

I prayed to my Lord when I was expecting my third child.I was 22 “Lord you know my struggles and what I seek. Please, I beg you to help me know the truth.  I am confused by the ways of this world.” I need your help, help that you sent me when I was 12. My burdens are heavy and I don’t know how I am going to get through this.

This Dream I experienced changed my Life:

I was standing on a sea of clouds-Someone in a covered white robe is standing next to me…I can not see his face but I hear his words. He said,”Watch Carefully Donna.”Appearing at some distance in front of me appears an old man seated in a Lotus position. He is dressed in Eastern Style yellow garments and he has a golden treasure upon his lap. Then there appears a Tall Man in a handsome black suite-He (BO)is a dark skinned tall man looked like he belonged to a man’s man model magazine.  He seemed to have an arrogance radiating from him. The man said to me, ” Ha, check this out, I will get the treasure!” He smoothly floated over to the Old man…They have words. I can’t hear what they are saying? Then all of sudden the Old Man shrills this awful laughter. The old man Laughs and starts to grow. With every inch, the old man starts transforming into a Dragon. The dragon grows taller than the man and swallows the tall handsome man. As the Dragon is swooping over the Tall man, A black hole appears sucking up both the dragon and the man..I could hear the shriek and shrills of the dragon saying NO NO NO NO NO until it grows faint and there is nothing but peace…Then my Lord turned to me, He says: ” The Truth shall be found in the Word. The truth shall be found in the word. The truth shall be found in the word.  I then woke up.

Since I do not know an interpreter for this dream, I must surmise my own conclusion to what it must mean.  Do not seek the treasure of the Serpent for he will be sucked into the void of nothingness never to exist again. So don’t be deceived by Man.  When you truly seek peace to know the truth you will find peace in the truth! The word is in your heart.

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