The Ring of Faith © Donna Lands 03-13-13


How does one have faith in something higher then themselves? You must be able to open your mind, heart and soul and seek the Universal truth beyond our mere mortal spiritual magnetism. You are confused because what you seek cannot be seen with what you see WITH YOUR EYES. You must know you are protected by something so powerful that it is even beyond the words you read here.

I was 15 when this ominous event took place. I was sleeping. In my slumber it felt as if I was in a different place…I was back in South Carolina. I could smell the clay water smell that is in the air and in the water you drink. Greenwood SC has this taste to their water that stays with you a lifetime. There was a misty fog that awakened my senses. I rubbed my eyes and I saw two crosses. On one cross was my grandfather but he had his head  bent and his eyes closed. I knew he was gone. My grandmother was on the second cross. I walked to my grandmother confused.

“What are you doing on that cross Grandma?”

“Honey child it’s my time to go.”

“Where are you going?”

“Don’t worry you will see me again.” Take this it will help you.”

“It was a ring that I stuck in my pocket.”

She then closed her eyes and Passed on. I knew she had just died. I started wailing, crying, and I had dropped down on my knees. I was tugging at my grandmothers’ feet with all my strength.

PLEASE GRANDMA, NO, NO, PLEASE DON’T GO, I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU. My body was shaking and I was shivering from the sweat. This body reaction brought me back to the physical reality. I looked over at the clock. MMMMM 5:30 AM PST… I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up and got ready for School. When returned from School my Parents sat me down and told me that my Grandmother had passed away that Morning. Something just hit me in the pit of my stomach and knocked all my wind from my sails.

I asked with obstinate persistence: “Please Mom, I begged, what time she passed away?”

I was told that they weren’t sure but the Nurse had checked on at 8:00 am EST and again at 8:30 EST and she had passed away during that time.

Oh My I thought. That’s when I had that dream. How can that be?

Years later back in 1981, I had left my abusing alcoholic worthless (Ex) husband in Jacksonville Florida. I had traveled by Bus to Greenwood, SC to stay with my Uncle and Aunt to figure out Life. I was pregnant and had a newborn.

My Aunt Elaine told me; “When your Grandma, went into the hospital. She told me to keep this ring for you. I have held it for you. Your Grandma was very insistent and made me promise to hand deliver this to you no matter what. I knew in my heart this was coming. I had not told anyone my dream about my Grandmother. I took the ring. It was beautiful Cameo ring that fit beautifully on my hand. It was the perfect Cameo. I would take  care of this all my life; I will never depart this ring from my hand.

Two weeks later, I fell back into the victims foolish beliefs of a fool’s vision of young love. You know the broken promises of: I will never hit you again. I am so sorry. You have my babies, I promise you it will never happen again, I can’t live without you. Like a naive believer (dumb-ass).I fell for his words: hook, line and sinker. (I was a dumb-ass then.)

I returned on a Wednesday prior to Easter week-end. Ex got paid on Fridays. He came home and got ready to go out. This then lead to a huge argument. We virtually had no food. I begged him to buy some groceries. “No!” He said: he then just left and drove away. No explanations just nothingness.

He stayed out all night. He arrived home about 9:30 AM. I was furious because; Wow I came back to the same fucking bullshit and here again I had no place to go. Oh my God back in the torture prison again. I approached him and asked him?

“Where were you? Did you buy grocers”?


The personal safety and my children were again in peril. I turned and walked away. I must protect my children. I can’t let him hurt my babies. I ran into our single wide trailer. He followed me and demanded I stop. In his evil and demanding voice he said: “Stop Bitch, fucking get back here, right now or your going fucking get it!” I just keep walking away because I had to position myself so that the child in me would not die and I had to protect my young baby from harm. My mind quickly reacted to an action plan of baby protection mode. I knew if he catches me, he’ll grab me and throw against the wall & then he’ll kick me in the back or in the stomach. Don’t Donna I thought; don’t allow him to be able to throw you. I went into survival mode. I put my daughter across my lap and both hands firmly to protect her from being harmed. I knew then all he could do was hit me in the face. I would become his punching bag to protect my children from this immediate danger. I would give up my life if need be for my babies.

He swung hard and forcefully across each side of my head save the babies save the babies was each thought as each blow hit one side, then the next and the next. I closed my eyes, and prayed for this beating to end. “Oh please Lord” Help me survive this.” Please do not let us die.” Immediately it stopped.

My sister-in-law earth angel was screaming at her hubby to get him away from punching me. He stepped away and the beating ended. I didn’t even cry because I was not going to give him the satisfaction of having beaten me down like an abused dog  no matter what.

I put the baby down and proceeded to ask him:

‘Did you buy groceries?”

“No, he said. “I spent all my check at the dog races and getting drunk. I was too ashamed to come home. I believed him like dumb young stupid fool.”

“I don’t know what we are going to do. He said

I looked down on my hand and saw my ring. I took the ring off my finger and handed it over to him. “Let’s hock this then. Every penny goes to groceries. We have to make it a week.”

The ring left my hand never to return again but it saved my life and the lives of my children.

I knew then that the RING OF FAITH is truly a life saver for even in the Perilous situations of life and death there is HOPE IN THE RING OF FAITH!

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