I am who I am

I am who I am

I am strong because I was made weak. I am your sister who was beaten so she could know how to heal. I am the girl on the corner or the homeless lady who begs. I am the neighbor next door you forgot to rescue. I suffered so I could be strong. I cried so I could laugh. I am the sinner that you judge for I am human. I am who I am. I took the rocky path so I could find my way out of the wilderness on my way home. I defend where I see wrong. I am your grandmother so I could be wise and watch you grow. I am your mom so I could know eternal Love. I am one who has seen anger so I can know forgiveness. I am the girl molested and raped so I can know torture of the soul and learn to let go of the pain. I am the taxpayer you forgot to protect. I am the slave made to pay so I can know freedom. I am the mother who gave you life so I can gain your respect. I am the child who knows only how to Love,Play and have compassion. I am who I am yet known and unknown. I walked in your shoes so I can be your best friend! Who am I? I am Donna Lands

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