Sometimes our suffering teaches us to understand what God endears everyday.Erased comes to mind. God is Love and Love is in our hearts.  We search for Love throughout our lives. We justify Love. Love is eternal beacuse you can truely Love someone more then all the stars in the Universe beyond what is seen or unseen. You can Love more then every grain of sand upon every known planet from this galaxy to all the galaxies. Love that is infinate that was before and will last to the eons of time , time before time was known. I know eternal Love for I am a Parent. BUT WHAT IF your child erased you?  You still Love that child. You tell yourself, “My child will come back to me. I know it in my heart. My Love is eternal. ” The pain of having that Love ripped from your chest is excruating.The heart ripped in half thrown to ground stomped on, spit on and denied.   Being erased is a WHY question. Why? Why do you want to hurt me like this. You know I Loved you? Did I not give you Life?  I watched you grow,take your first step,say your first words. I was there when you said, “I wuf you,dank of wata pease”, I was there when you started school, when you got married,when you were sick and the list could cover a book. I was always there and you still erased me. I AM STILL HERE!

Maybe our punishment is because we erased him who Loved us so much. Maybe that was our lesson. To actually feel what it feels like to be erased. I know we must stop erasing God from our lives because we are hurting him. We are ripping out his heart. He is our Father, yet we hurt his children. We do not give our neighbor our love. Most neighbors never meet each other anymore. To find true peace write God back into your heart. Write Love back into your soul.  Being erased may be worst then death because you are reminded of being banished from the one  that you Love eternally forever and always!

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