A Righteous Neighbor

A Righteous Neighbor

Written by Donna Lands originally written June 4th, 2012 ©

When you come to be, you were formed in a neighborly fashion.Your first neighbor happens to be the heartbeat of your mothers eternal Love…First true peace.Your Next neighbors are your dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… and others that adore you…you are adored by all and you find the second peace. Then you meet your next neighbors your friends, teachers, Love of your life, fellow workers, neighbor next door, Lady across Town, maybe the fellow across the State, your children and grandchildren. Maybe some meet their Neighbor across the Country or across the ocean or maybe across this planet… One day you come to the realization and pinnacle of your life and ask Universal question? Am I good to my neighbors? My friend this  is the third peace… Did I do right by my Moms eternal Love? Did I do justice by my neighbor? Did I do right by my God or soul? Did my Government act like a “Law abiding Neighbor? Government can not fix our problems for we must help rebuild ourselves up ..”ONE NEIGHBOR AT A TIME” Come on my good neighbor there’s got to be someone on your neighbor list that you can be a righteous neighbor to! You only need to find it in your soul to act not just speak this Universal question Am I good to my neighbors?  Remember a Good neighbor is as a Good Neighbor does!

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