Many Books

I look at my reflection in the mirror and I ponder on what my book of self is about and where is it going. What are the pages of me that are written in my book of life. This physical life is only a chapter in the great BIG BOOK OF LIFE.  And you? What is your book about? Whats important to you my friend?  What is your reflection. I have a scientific degree so I am one who stands back and analyses. I am on the outside looking in. I see not with my eyes but with my heart,soul and mind. Where is the problem? What compassion do we feel? Have not your experiences taught you to be strong? YES they have. Just look at the reflection in the mirror and what do you see? You know for everything that exists known and unknown there is an opposite. There is up and down and in and out. There is positive and negative. Good and Evil. Angels and Demons. TIME past and present. We know not the future for that chapter is not yet written or rewritten.That is where there is choice. Its your choice to make your book of self shine, correct and edit.  Most of all there is, THE SPIRITUAL AND THE PHYSICAL book of self.

What are the many books, in Gods library? What does your book look like in his Library? I could imagine how wonderful it would feel to run my hands across the many books.

Look at your reflection, who do you see. I am not talking pride,hoity toity,fancy schmancy,I am so much better then you refection and I am above you type answer. You get the drift.The genuine YOU!  You know your story!

The Churches of man are religions. To each church of man their book is the truth and way. But I say that they are many books in Gods library. There are many great authors. We are ourselves a book. What is your story to the reflection you see.  I see the Torah,Bible ,Buddhist,Hindu,Native American etc and they all had great authors.

Now the question arises. Did they have great editors,rewrites,translators and orators? Really? They were after all, from the sea of man and women of the earth.(We women are beautiful flowers in the garden of my Lord BTW). I raised lots children grown and grand babies still little, I hundred percent guarantee that they or we are not perfect. believe it or not we make mistakes!

Do not your children make you laugh? We must crack up the Lord all the time. I believe our Lord has many librarians checking out your book of self. We are all children of God and don’t you think its time to dust off your book of self? I, myself am writing my book of self. I shared with a good friend on twitter the name of book. My book is of many colors  is  like the rainbow. My Canvas is not yet finished being painted by me but when it’s through it will be my masterpiece that will surround my book of self called many rainbows. When we meet someday friends, please by all means check out my book. I am sure to many of  you  this will make you laugh! Your life is your life and your book of self is your life  and this is your creation. The spiritual is just the binding that holds it all together. Every Book has its binding.

I am human in this physical body and us humans even crack ourselves up. Thank you Comedians!

Rainbows, my book of many colors is in the making. I learned to open my eyes when explaining to my son Ben what a rainbow looks like. Rainbows consists of many colors just as we do. We need all parts of the rainbow to show how glorious it is. Look how beautiful it shines.  If I explain these things that I see it opens my eyes to see what is in my heart,brain and soul. I see a painting in all of us.

The book of the evil man must have lots of blacked out pages and ripped out pages. The book in the corner back in the secret places must be a book of self that hurts the little babies,the mammas,the papa’s,brothers,sisters and my friends. The name of those black books are written by the killers,rapists and child molesters. You know your name and who you are! I know my name. I tell you my story. I am human and I have sinned! You are my neighbor and my friend and I sincerely hope when my magnetism,spirit and soul returns to our Lords Library I hope to look at your book and maybe you at mine!

Oh be a great Neighbor and Friend and reflect on what kind of book you want to be in our Lords library. It is as we speak! That which is being edited and written. Lets get reading and put on our dancing shoes and celebrate for it’s a great day to be living in this story of our book of self. This story of many books was inspired by my neighbors and friends. the emails and  my followers and to me you are my many earth angels!

We must stand together for we see the same sunshine and at night we look to the heavens and wonder what is this book of life all about! The time has come. What is your book of self and who do you serve? What have you erased from your book of self! I send you Gods glorious sunshine to light up your path. Your Friend and neighbor always Donna Lands, like grains of many sands and many surrounding hands!

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