The Muslim Prince

I write this because maybe it will reach out to my good friend who taught me that there are two brothers of Islam.  There is the brother that is full of hate and looks for the infidel and the other brother who Loves. One brother takes parts of there Book and focus’s on there jihad and forgets that Allah is the God of all. Why would a God want to see his followers be murders of innocense. Why then would God the all Loving want blood which is the color of red blackening his beautiful Masterpeices. We ourselves ignore the suffering of what their faith has been through. The anger is of mens hearts is not that of a all Loving God.

I had just had my daughter Jessie. She was a beautiful red head. She had a crowing glory that radiated from her. My next door neighbor was in Love with a Muslim man from Saudia Arabia. She asked me to give her a ride to see him. I said Fine. You may visit him but I will wait with you so I can give you a ride home. We arrived at his Apartment which was on the Northside of Spokane Washington in August of 1984. There were two Muslim men. One was her boyfriend. I call the mean one. The other was truely a Prince.

I was holding Jessie and feeding her while my neighbor was trying to talk to her boyfriend who had also invited other girls to his apartment.I took my baby upstairs to sleep on the Princes bed. The mean one was being mean and cruel to my friend by pushing her away and kissing the other girls. My girlfriend was crying over this  situation and bad treatment. I saw him hit her upon returning downstairs.  You can only guess how upset this made me to see this going on. Well I went mamabear on the mean one. I got in his face and used a few choice words. The Prince  ran up between I and the mean one because the mean one was getting ready to hit me. I responded fine, lets leave now.

I walked back upstairs to grab my baby. The prince followed. I was wrapping my baby up when the Prince looked at her with amazement of Jessie’s Beauty. I had named Jessie after Jesus. She grew up and named her son Christian. Christian means a follower of Christ. His name fits him.

The Prince told me: “I am truely a Prince you know.” I am thinking yea right. I nodded my head and said, “Sure and I am a man.” He said: “Here I will prove it. He then grabbed my hand and walked me to the closet and sure enough he showed me his purple royal garbs. They were the most beautiful clothes I had ever seen.

Then he explained to me that not all Muslims are like my friend. Not all muslims are hateful to their fellow man. I follow Allah but do not follow hate. The infidel is actually hate. Allah is “the Compassionate”  and “the Merciful” (al-raḥīm). Creation and ordering of the universe is seen as an act of prime mercy for which all creatures sing God’s glories and bear witness to God’s unity and lordship. God responds to those in need or distress whenever they call. Above all, God guides humanity to the right way, “the holy ways.

I Love God just as you do. I do not have a blackened heart. Then he looked at Jessie and said:”I want to marry your child when she grows up.” This threw me off guard. I looked at my kind Muslim Prince and said: “I thank you as her mother for your kind proposal but I could not and would not do that to my child because of what just happened downstairs. I am sorry but the answer is No.” He then said:’ “Please always think about it. Remember too that we are not all like my friend. Some of us Charish and protect women. We just have to be careful because we can not stand up to the hateful ones or then we would be killed.”

I realised then as I do now that their are Muslims that do look at their Book of self and want their book to shine. They can not come forward because if they do then the hateful ones will destroy them.

I know in my heart they pray to the same God. Some pray with Love in their hearts while others pray with hate. The hateful ones do not look beyond a certain passage just as they do not look beyond their reflection. They see with their eyes and not the spirit of God that is a Loving and all Powerful God. There are some Americans that realise that their are two Muslims just as there are two Americans. There are two opposites even in the Muslim faith. one is evil and one is good. One serves themselves and one serves the Loving God. Muhammed inspired you to come to the Gate but who shall enter the kingdom of God is determined by whether you have a book left in the Library. What pages are added to our book and what pages are taken away.

The USA just wants to protect our homeland. We too are divided. We too have two neighbors. One neighbor wants control while the other neighbor just wants to live on their side of the fence with peace and enjoyment of their families,Property and their bodies,mind and soul.

There comes the moment when you must reflect and ask yourself the question: “Have I been a Good Neighbor.” Two commandments  allows all commandments in the eyes of God to be fullfilled. You live by these two and everything falls into place. 1) Love thy God with all thy heart and 2)Love thy neighbor. The last thing the Prince said to me: “Do not judge all muslims to be like my friend, promise me?” I said, I am not God and only God can be the final Judge. I will promise to know in my heart that there are kind muslims such as yourself.” I beleive that.

To my Muslim brother and sisters with the kind hearts: Know that your struggles are tough and God understands for he is a parent just as we are his children. He wants his children to come to him and serve him and not serve the hateful ones that want to destroy your neighbor.

To my Muslim Brothers and sisters with the hateful hearts: You preach that you must destroy the unbeleivers. You therefor must look at your reflection and truely ask in your heart? Would a Loving God have a hateful Heart? Would a Loving God want you to be filled with vile hate towards your brother. Just as God banished Cain so he will also banish other murders of innocent souls in the Kingdom of God. You write or erase the pages in your book of self in the Lords Library!

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