What has changed around this Planet? I am talking from Ocean to Ocean. Most everyone and everybody is in fear of taking that leap. The Gap is wide across the deep Valley haunted by the dispirit in peoples eyes. Wheres the sunshine gone? Do you not see it. LOOK< LISTEN AN FEEL. What do we no longer do on this Planet. Our brothers and sisters falling to there knees because there is no work. Men are taking to the street and taking their anger out on inocent souls that never hurt noone. If there ain’t no work then by gosh do anything!

Why is there no work? Neighbors from our past got together weekly,daily and monthly,yearly. At these gatherings Neighbor Tom needs something from Neighbor Jezra. The dances of getting together no longer exists. I see complete Neighborhoods deterioting right in front of me. Drive through the towns and look. I was a Realtor for about 8 years.  I have seen Coastal towns along Oregon Coast almost seem more like Ghost Towns. I was there in 1992 and went there 2 years ago. Detriot,Middle Eastern countries,Greece,France,Israel,China,Town after town are falling down. The difference from 1970 to now is the difference from peak to peak on a sine wave .They are out of phase by 180 degrees.  Our neighborhoods are Deterioting. Our cities are falling apart. Noone rakes and keeps the lawn mowed.

Having a pretty yard and a pretty house is pleasing to you and your neighbors besides helping the market values. Doing these things are also healthy for your body,brain and spirit. It lifts you up. Its a start. Remeber when you teach a child to walk you do it one step at a time.

When Jeanie(5),Donnie(4) and Jessie(1) were very young. I was  on the way to being divorced from the Cheater and I was on welfare. I had a plan,I was going to start college in April 1985.I had filed my own divorce. I think the book was only $10 at the time. I was 22 and on my second divorce. I was getting to be a Pro at this. I just was not going to stand for having a Man walk all over me! No Sir ree. I had made sworn Promises to my self after my Last beating from the Beater on Thanksgiving 1982. ” No Man would ever lay on hand me if I had something to say about it.”  No Man would lay a hand on my babies either. When you make a Promise, you should keep it. The person you let down when you don’t keep your word is YOU! There is honor and Principle in a Persons word. Their word is part of their Book self. It shames me when a Person lies to my face.Does it not you too?  Its the Principle of it ! Honor is you and in you. Honor and principle go to the core of your soul. Your word is a chapter in your self book of life.

Unfortunately Murphy’s law once again crossed my path. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. December 1st, 1984. I had a fire in an Apt that my Children and I were living in. My children and I survived and thats REALLY all thats matters. Material Crap can be replaced but eternal Love Angels are my everything.  How blessed to escape that one by the skin of our noises.  It was mighty cold and I didn’t have shoes. My car did not get hurt. I had a Chevy Caprise that I was making $60 a month payments on. Good thing nothing happened to that car.  The Red Cross helped us with a double bed,kitchen table and chairs. I got beds for Jeanie and Donnie.I also got these really cool brand new towels.  I actually was blessed to have gotten some of my dishes.

I had no money,not a dime to my name by January 1985. So I asked myself that good ole street wise question. “Donna,how can I earn a HONEST buck to take care of these beautiful Angels my sweet Lord bestowed upon me.” I needed everything you can think of. . It took every penny I had, to pay the rent plus a small deposit. I had no money left. Then it snowed. I have never been so happy to see that answered prayer.

I shoveled as many driveways and sidewalks I could that evening. I must have shoveled at least 4 or 5 driveways. If you know me then you know that no matter what the work is do your best.Be the best shoveler I told myself that night. Theres just no point in dilly dalling around. Work fast and effecient and always smile because it is uplifting to you besides it will get you more work. Work is the clue. Do better then the best you think you can. Work hard at being the best no matter the job.Be the best darn yard raker. Be the best janitor. I look at the world and see leader after leader having this contest of who can make my neighbors and friends suffer the most. It breaks this grandmas heart.  Its more about spirit of giving your all in all that you do.  Finishing a job is the reward and the reward is moving forward. If anytime your down in the dumps. Look at the happy things. Find the happy hill is the pill.

Why have we lost that drive? That get up Go mojo? WE DO NOT GET TOGETHER WITH OUR NEIGHBORS and what else? People I believe are brainwashed and asleep in their lives! Close your eyes and what do you see. We have no time for neighbors and get togethers and work because we are watching television,on the computer obeying the Government or watching out for the Boogie men. They may be coming knocking on your door to hurt you or evn kill you. They may try to take your children. WHY do the boogiemen come? Whats scary is you can’t tell if the boogieman is from the Government or from the one that is evil,ill, depressed, and needs to feed his family.He may be the evil one with the demon possessed heart!  Cold and evil that sends a chill down your spine types. We have to watch our backs when we leave our property. Whats even more frightening, is would the government Care? I know theres places on this Planet that they don’t. Here in America. Certain Government workers have told me they don’t Care. Even these so called great governments have come taken there people and there just Gone?? Out to the great blue yonder. People do not leave their families. WHY? WHY? WHY? There is no work! Get to work on being a good neighbor and we fix 99% of our issues. I don’t recall applying for a government job? Do you? I don’t recall ever being asked to fund these HUUUUUUUUUUUge Government retirement plans. We just need to fire the government out of our lives. Get together with your neighbors. Plan your work and then work your plan. Do you feel it in your pit of your stomach?

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