Essence of Time

I know there are many children of the father who had been taught “To FEAR“. I know I sought help from the churches of man because of fear. I went to seek and comfort my wounded soul. I went for help and doors were shut. Many Churches urged me to stay on the path back to the Father. Some pushed me away from the Father,my brothers,my sisters,my angels and all my people that await me in the spiritual universe. The place where time is but an essence and our spirits flow unhindered from a physical imperfect body.   My Lord always was beside me urging to find the truth. I know there are many children of the Father,if there wasn’t then existance would not exist beyond the essence of time. Do we not have the electrical signals that flows through our physical bodies. Beyond the control of Science and acceptance by science is the essence of Time past,present and future. It is a Scientific phenomena and the Theory of Relativity applies to Time and travel of the speed of light. There are millions upon millions of signals all around us. Some heard,felt and unfelt.

I recall when I was nine years old going to the Bapist Church a block away from my home. I had noone to seek help from. It had been the worst two years of my life. The previous year, spring of 1970. I had been kidnapped,molested and tortured by a Boogieman that was like a man named TED Bundy. Lookied like him,sounded like him,had the same MO like him. I will neverknow for sure who my Boogieman was but GOD knows.The case was never solved. Back then you received no help.  Noone seemed to care!  Even the Spokesman Review who I was doing paper Routes for at eight years old put in a little brief mention. Sad that noone cared that these young young girls had been molested and raped. The following year was the major car accident which marked my face with this huge scar. A seven is my mark. It is a mark of high honor and I accept that you know a persons heart by how they look at their sister or brother. It was a hard lesson to learn. A nine year does not understand that lesson, she only understands the burdens,pain and the fear. Around the corner does she not see the Boogieman coming to grab her again? True fear. I cry for Shasta from North Idaho who carries that same burden. Her burden is much heavier for she endured much longer. One day, she will let go as one must for peace of her tortured soul.

The lesson at the church was. “YOU MUST FEAR THE LORD.” This truely frightened me because I was already afraid and now I have to be afraid from the one I seek help from? This confused me so I raised my hand again. What if my Lord is the one who I seek and I am not afraid of him. She then said: Child then you will burn in hell! Oh my, was I ever scared then. I had to leave almost immediately because I could not be afraid of my Father in Heaven. I cried and talked out loud to my Lord. I was upset that a church would frighten me away. Thats fine I said to my Lord. I will just pray to you always and I am sorry my Lord but I can not and will not be afraid to worship you and be with you. Churches pushing Fear from the Father is wrong in my opinion because people can not fear to come to the one that comforts. Why do the Churches push away Gods children by using fear from the Father. You see other Churches using Fear to keep Gods children away from him. Somehow or Someway I beleive there is the possibility that Fear is misunderstood or it was written without the Not. Why would God send his staff to protect you if you feared him? I can not fear the one I Love or then I would not Love him. I Love that essence of time will be the day I shall see and travel through beyond Mans understanding. The more Science tries to unravel essence of Time the more they discovery that electrical signals,light transfer,black energy,worm holes and other PFM(pure F**kin magic) are interconnected. I know,  oh my cussing ? Well my Lord knows I have little southern rebel in me and its hard to control that. He understands me and accepts my imperfections. Who among Us that have children, understand a little rebellion in each child. You accept your child. You Love your child. You teach your child. Children worship the Parent,then the rebellion  TEEN years and finally when that child turns twenty five then you become wise to them again.  All the different phases the Parent remains steadfast and true to that eternal Love. My God remaines steadfast and true to his eternal Love for me his rebellion child who understands essence of time!

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