The Abusing Boogieman Monster of the Sea

Abusers understand Control. The abusers  exercise controlling behavior, physical abuse,degradation and psychological methology over their victim. They make the victim feel ashamed of who they are. This abuse is not a one time incident. It is a torture that can last years or even lifetimes. I am not a Doctor but I personally have walked on the road of hard knox. I have walked in the shoes of an abused child and of an abused woman. Deep down sisters,brothers and friends in your gut you know what I am saying is true. We know when they are abusing us but sometimes you choose your prison because the alternative is much worst. So whats a person do. You plan your forever escape and your healing plan. I personally don’t trust therapy or happy pills. Its a bunch of crap. I researched how all that got started and the original founders had issues.  Based on that foundation, who can trust that.  The true help comes from Good neighbors,Friends but most of all Give it to the God. Seek the Word of truth. He heals our spirit which is wounded beyond our capacity to carry this pain. He heals the wounded soul. Here is the signs of the Abusing Boogieman Monster of the Sea:

1)Hates women in General      2)Has a bad temper         3)Hates Mom or Dad

4)Many traffic tickets,stealing,lying,has affairs with other people.



7)No memory of Abusive events,Tells you, that its in your imagination

8)Criticizes everything about you,makes you feel guilty,chooses out your clothes

9)Alienates you from family and friends

10) Controls the money

11)Physically abuses you

12) Pushes you

The Other signs are: Says you abused him: Won’t let you use a phone:Tries to change who you are; Holds your history against you:Says I was just kidding/Teasing you: Very jealous and Possessive: Irresponsible,goes from job to job and never takes responsibility for his actions: Acusses you of cheating: Too intense,too fast: Says “I Love you after one date”:Immediately talks about Marriage: No Close friends: No respect for your body: Always pointing out your flaws:Rough play:Frienghtens children,animals and general does not like kids: Sexual Agressive: NEVER admits fault or blame: Know-it-all: Plays mind games:Jokes about women: Not close to his Mom or sisters: Controls your family:He makes threats and ultimatums:Sucidal:Calling you bitch,cunt,whore: Your no good: Your lucky I put up with you:Your a shit mom:Makes it difficult for you to work:Spies on you in everything you do: Questions you about where you’ve been and why didn’t you get back in the right amount of time: Finding little things to hit you on eg: (You were checking out that guy:Bam You smiled at that guy: Bam Then it just might come out of left field: Bam-You question why you just got hit: “I didn’t like the fucking Look on your face: Any,all or No reasons to hit you: If you stay with this kind of Man: You will DIE from injuries or HE WILL EVENTUALLY KILL YOU! The abuse might start so innocently that it sneaks up on you and then you feel its too late your stuck. In that case their are sisters,shelters,friends and the compassionate ones. If the man shows these signs, he is a poison PufferFish,monster of the sea or the snake in the ground. You want to throw him back into the Sea of Men. Please here my words: There are wonderful Good Fish that are like the Dolphin. There is hope because of the Good Loving Man which is a different blog:



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