We are at a Crossroads


We are at a crossroads

Written by Donna Lands on April 3, 2013 ©

We are at a Crossroads

Our Great American Home is collapsing. The foundation of our home is our Constitution. The walls are our Private Working taxpaying Citizens. Our roof is the Government that protects it.

Why is the Roof so heavy?

Years ago, JFK  signed an executive order granting the right of Public workers to unionize.

This caused great stress on the Roof because now the Government workers negotiated with the Government without regard of the burden placed upon the people.

Agency after agency was created for public servants to work without regard to the price.

The people were no longer respected or honored by the public servant.

This conflict of interest allowed the Government to expand at exponential rates which caused more stress on the people which increased taxes to support the contracts of the public servant.

This is why we have a Huge Cloud of debt placed upon our roof.

The walls of the home are weak because more people left the wall to climb upon the roof. Now we are at a crossroads.


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