The List Of Understanding Of a Freed People

We here in America have a two Cast system today as I write this blog. We have 1) Almighty Federal Government & their Lover the Corrupt Union and then its 2) Slaves: A) Tax Payers and B) Dependants on money received from the Government

I first starting writing THE LIST and it was quite an awakening that I could substitute the following words of Federal Government in number 1) with Corrupted Hearts and the Power Seekers who resides in the Spirits of :Certain  Democrats, Liberals, Unions, Syria, North Korea, IRAN, A Certain Religion that I  shall not name, Mercenaries, Pirates, Abusers, Liberal Entertainment industry and all Evil Boogiemen..Essentially anybody that is a Controller or denier of truth Any one who believes freedom is not a natural right granted to us when we are born.

Our young people and others are being brainwashed by the Liberal, Left and Evil Mindset of the participants listed in number 1) They are destroying the younger generations and others drive “To be who they were meant to Be”. The majority of youth live in the bubble of numbness which numbs their brains. This arrives from the influence of gaming, television, cell phones and the internet. There is a way that can free their minds from this numbness and from the corruption of the States desire to raise them up to be their slaves. Corruption steals your children’s minds. By taking your youth they will control you! This is how evil works.

The Attributes of Evil Negative List

1. Dispise Truth of the “Word” that is not of their choosing (Always lying or twisting truth)

2. Dispise Disire of Freedom of the slave, mind, body or spirit

3. Dispises When: You have Love and respect for your family, neighbor, friend and your fellowman.

4. Hate: Spiritual awareness because they have no understanding of it. It’s the opposite of Physical by the way.

5. Detests the independent free person that has the desire to stand on their own dignity. An independent person may be viewed as anti establishment, anti union and Competition to their Power and  hold on to the slave.

6. Loathes the idea of Independence of Success: They demonize Success and they will try to ruin anybody that they view as a threat to their Power.

7. Detests the traits of: Virtue, assertive, knowledgeable minds, Patriotism, positive attitude and Freedom Desire (They demonize people that have the drive to better their lives and rise above their circumstance.

8. Abhors the work ethics of workers that may make the lazy ones look bad.


1. Be in the truth of the “Word” of GOD and yourself. If you believe in the Church of God over the Church of Man then you can no longer be their slave and they fear that because it affects their power and control. The deep down in your pit spiritual essence which they have twisted, demonized, make jokes about, and try to convince you of the none existence. Never fall for their traps, deceptions or snares. If you do, your mind will be imprisoned in their abyss. This is a Dark place where the light of freedom of “who you were meant to be” is but a distant memory.

2. Be the person that is free to expand your horizons. What’s important to you? Close your eyes: God is there. He holds you in the palm of his hands-You feel glorious warming peace. No fear from his Love.

3. Be friends to all your neighbors, Open the Church Doors to help heal your fellow man, be an inspiration to all around you. Sometimes it takes getting a little upset to wake up your neighbor but only out of Love.

4. Wake up every day to accomplish something that will lift up your dignity-Rake, dance, write, walk, talk to a neighbor and practice smiling.

5. Gain knowledge-Read every day.

6. Refuse Union affiliation for they have become corrupt. In America we have the Department of Labor that can address Labor issues. That’s their job. It should be a State issue!

7. Help heal Drug addicts without stigmatizing. This would free up our Prisons. Help the disabled that can’t work. (Note: Just because someone is disabled, it does not mean they are crippled and because someone is crippled does not make them disabled)Take care of our elderly if they cannot work. Many Folks may be old on the outside but they are spiritually young inside. Public welfare of the fallen person is essential in a Peaceful and Free Society. Its about uplifting your neighbor when he is down until he can walk again!

8. We all have something in every one of us to offer to God, Ourselves and Society when you have hope and desire to be who you were meant to be.

There always must be some barriers (Rule of Compassionate Law-America has Constitution) to keep the selfish passions of the ones who are on the evil List. Without barriers the path of the Evil Ones will establish their selfish  ambitions, political power, Corrupt Power, Luxury and be the Masters of Tyranny keeping you their slave for life or until you wake up to TRUTH of the Peace of FREEDOM.

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