Raise our Taxes from point of view of tax payer

Son was given assignment in College from College Professor: He had to argue for raising taxes.. I as a Tax Payer thought the assignment was an OXYMORON ASSIGNMENT. I decided to present a tax payers arguement for my friends and neighbors.

Increase Taxes is what every tax payer deserves, those scoundrels. Yes we want to pay all our income to the Government for doing crappy work! After all the tax payers are becoming the minority with barely 1/3 of the nation working. Those tax payers need to work harder and have a heavier load to carry. Who do those tax payers think they are anyways! Hell they don’t protect our money,they just spend it.

The Teachers and Other Government workers can never be fired for poor work ethics or poor performance. The Union insures Tenure and Job security no matter what. Then the Union votes in the Democrats who negotiate with the Union who then helps the Public Teachers who influences the youth to vote Democrat. It’s the perfect plan:  Increase Taxes is what every tax payer deserves, those scoundrels.  They want to pay more to Teachers to brainwash the students to their political view. Yes! Teachers deserve more money to pay the corrupt Union who negotiates with The Government to give them Retirement benefits that become a burden to tax Payers. Yes! We want to take it up the derrière.

This is what every tax payer wants.  It’s the Patriotic Duty of every Tax Payer to go along with getting Ripped Off. The Tax payer should pay for this! Yes!  UP THE derrière.

They want to be enslaved to work for the Government without getting paid by the Government! Yes every tax payer needs to step up to this virtuous Ideal of the perfect system to ensure the proper education of the slave to be a slave. Yes, this is the perfect answer to destroy the fabric of free thinking. No tax payer should have any say!  The Democrats to ensure their Power is to enslave the other half to help pay the teachers and other Government jobs  by overcharging the Tax payer. This is called the Charlatan Scheme. It is perfect because no one will see the plan. All the poor people can get a free education and they will think the Democrats are such a great party that they will vote for the Democrats who work with the Union who pays the Teachers and other government workers.

Then we have the half that gets money from the Government for FREE. They will get Free Money to vote for Free money which is stolen from those scoundrel sneaky tax payers.  Take the slaves dignity of work and they will vote out of fear for the Slave Master who wants to maintain Power. That is what every citizen wants. Give the children to the State so they can be trained to be proper slaves and all. Who carries this cost are all the tax payers. Soon there may be no tax payers left and then there will be no need to raise taxes. Yes Raise Taxes to pay more to the Teachers and Other Government workers.

The tax payer should belong to Government. That would be an oxymoron as the Tax Payer already does as long as the Tax payer exists to serve the Government and their insatiable appetite for more taxes.  The taxes deserve to bigger. The bigger the better and the more the Government can spend of the tax payer money the more the Tax payer should pay. Yes. More cushion for the push-ion in the tax payers pocketbooks.

Maybe the tax payer should lose all their rights to the Government to pay for all the Government programs which include the Public Teachers and Other government workers.. The tax payer’s property should be confiscated to pay the high taxes to support the Government Union. Maybe their bank accounts too so all the Retirement benefits can be paid. This is the Eighty Trillion plus of unfunded Liabilities that no one can talk about. That will be the tax payer’s problem in the near future. Just tax, tax, and tax, besides the sky is the limit according to the Government and The Government is selling us nothing but blue Sky..LET US ADORE the LIMITS OF THEIR BLUE SKY! YES THIS IS WHAT THE GOVERNMENT THINKS: “ EVERY TAX PAYER WANTS THEIR TAXES RAISED!”

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