Heavens crown of glory

I prayed to my Lord to know more of what our book all means.
“Lord you are my crowning glory of eternal love forever and always. You talk to me in my heart and you share so much in answering all when I ask. You are the essence of known and unknown from all time. Your wisdom for truth is infinate beyond all the heavens of the eternal angels. I am your lightning rod to do with me what I am meant to be. I love you”.
I looked up into the heavens and there at that exact moment I experienced the most glorious crown of perfection my eyes had ever seen. I saw the most beautiful halo of a perfect orb of clouds surrounding the moon. The halo glowed of glorious ambers,purples,yellows,reds and oranges. Streams of light beams emitted from the moon. It truely was heavens crown of glory.
I ran in and grabbed my camera to capture the picture for you my friend. Alas by the time I got back, the clouds had moved away. The clouds of doubt lifted up and moved away.
When one experiences the signs of thoughts,words and feelings at the exact moment of this essence and experience then you know God and God knows you!
May you too have your doubts lifted. I pray that you too know heavens crown of glory,halo and orb of understanding and wisdom. May we always be free to dream and experience Gods infinate Love eternal.

Heavens crown of glory

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