Mom Who Advocated Medical Cannabis Oil Faces 30 Years in Prison

Treating Medical conditions should be above poppycock laws of the Feds! Would you concur?

2012 The Awakening


A Kansas mother who used cannabis oil for medical purposes booked herself into jail yesterday, facing a lengthy prison term her lawyer equates to a death sentence.

On Monday, Shona Banda, 38, posted a $50,000 bond after turning herself in at the Finney County Law Enforcement Center on several charges stemming from her use of the plant-derived oil.

Banda has used cannabis oil for more than a decade to treat her Crohn’s Disease, an illness characterized by inflammation of the digestive tract.

Police raided Banda’s Garden City home in March after her son made pro-medical marijuana comments at school.

Banda, who has also authored a book entitled, “Live Free or Die: Reclaim your Life…Reclaim Your Country!” which outlines her struggle with Chron’s and the miraculous recovery after she discovered cannabis oil, was arrested while her son was subsequently snatched by the state.

Banda’s attorney Sarah Swain says…

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