Loving the sinner and not the sin. (Story true-Names changed and places changed)

It was the summer of 1992. The little diner is located in the small mountain resort of Leavenworth Washington. The town has a theme of a German Christmas Village in the Alps. There are shops, cafes, gift shops, and one quaint little diner called the Yee Place. The town’s mission statement is to please and serve the tourists.

The Yee Place Diner was a rebel against the German theme and went with a 1950’s theme.(Every town has their rebels) It upset the neighbors a bit but the food was so great that the locals all came to eat there. It was Leavenworth’s best kept secret. It was ran by a young couple named Matt and Selina Sue. They had three young children. They were a young Christian couple who had three children and it was their dream to just be happy and be in love always. The diner only sat twenty eight seats. It was the perfect size for two people to handle. They made many wonderful friends. They loved the murderer who was forgiven. You can love the sinner and not the sin.

One day, a couple sat down at the far table near the door to the small kitchen. The man was cheery and glowed with happiness. He was about sixty five, slightly balding and if he had a beard, you would have thought he was Santa Clause. He wore glasses and had blue eyes. His name was James R. His wife’s name was Jennifer R. He was the Preacher from the edge of town. It was a unique old Church. It was one of the first churches built there. It started out Catholic but evolved to be the Church of Christ… The couple were very friendly and got along with Selina Sue. Selina tried her best to get a smile out of everyone. She always signed her guest checks with a smiley face. It helped her tips too. The Yee Place Diner was in its quiet stage because the lunch crowd had all left…{The author of this story will be back tomorrow, to tell you more 🙂 }