Email fear

I sent an email. After I sent the email, I thought, “Oh why did I send that”. Then there was no response to the email I should have never sent. Then came the response email a few days later.  I am now too afraid to open it and read it. It’s been a couple days. I just look at this email. Should I open it. Hmm…Yes or No. The fear of what it may say then hits me in the gut to the point I can’t open it. I know how stupid that sounds but I have email fear. I keep telling myself to be brave and strong but I am afraid the email will make me cry and I just don’t want to cry right now, so I settle for the email fear instead.

5 thoughts on “Email fear

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    • I will wait until tomorrow. I have already decided that. It’s someone who is helping me with a story. He is the smartest person, I think I have ever met. He is very picky. I sent him the copy of chapter 1. Only 9 more to go. 7000 words per chapter. 🙂


  2. As I am learning, fear wins, but only if we allow it to. I recently heard something about fear and turning into it rather than away from it. If we turn away, the thing we fear is hidden behind us. If we turn to it and confront it, the fear is destroyed, and all that remains is the truth. We may not like the truth, but unlike the fear, it has form, so we can deal with it.

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    • That is very great advice. You always have the best advice. I was glad to hear from you today. I did some book writing. You would be proud of me. I took a break to check here on my blog. Your post surprised me and made me smile. Thank you. Have a great evening. 🙂


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