Broken Baby Dolls and Damaged goods

This was going to be a title of a book I was working on until I met this super smart English Professor. I reflected  and heard his great wisdom about the story. The only reason i wrote it was because of a gal I met named Mariam. She was a Muslim girl that had worn the Broken Baby Doll shoes. She had never met her Mom because she and her sister were taken out of Iran when she was about two. She had the most unhappy life. It was the most tragic life I had ever heard. I told her I had a blog and maybe we could find her Mom in Iran. About a month after the Blog posting, Maryam supposedly committed suicide. I never found out she had died until eleven months later when the maternal family contacted me via my blog. We then found the sister in Seattle. Sara did not know her own sister had died. Mariam died and nobody that loved her came to her funeral until a year, after she died. The mom in Iran got to talk to her Sara after twenty four years. This great unification happened because this writer reached out across the ocean to help a broken baby doll find her mom. It was a bittersweet victory but a victory none the less. I realise my writing sucks but writing is rewriting so I will keep trying.

I started writing about my own path which was a sad story with a great happy ending. I was damaged goods but through God’s healing, I am whole again. You cannot change what has happened, therefore you should live each day as a challenge. We must all live our lives to the fullest the best way we know how and try our best to make a difference. I pray everyday for the Broken Baby dolls of this planet to also heal their broken spirits. I was blessed that God sent me a good man that loved me for me and not what he wanted me to be.

The following song is the song that reminds me of my Angel in Heaven Mariam.

Miles written by DRL (Revised)

I wrote this for my grandson Miles: ( DRL)

Miles in the forest deep.
No more rest, weary, or sleep.
Miles to walk.
Miles to talk.
May it be, May it be.
What is Elysium in you and me.
Paradise island on castle rock.
Hear Hear the waves upon western shores.
The voice within echos clear as clear.
Lights within your heart never, ever to leave or depart.
Whence you have known.
Where you have planted and where you have sown.
Breath the winds of the whispering waves.
Upon the Celtic seas you will find the golden keys.
Elegy, elegy, evening star.
Now you know who you were and who you are.
Celtic spirit and Celtic dreams.
Now we are free to touch our sweet liberty.
Al Shalom, Al shalom.
Peace be upon the dawn of dawn.
The Lord of Dance.
Singer of Prance.
Upon the Isles of emerald green.
Elysium paradise is never unseen.
Honor thee, we are free, we are free.
Lord of all knowing things.
Out of the shadows, the blood moon rose.
Eternal love will be all that will ever grow.
Halos and rings upon angels crown.
Moonlit nights upon the land.
Misty waters of bare feet upon the sand.
Follow the sound of all around.
Secret garden where dream catchers go.
Redeemer of souls Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, we are free.
May it be, May it be, for our sweet souls of liberty.

The Popes Letter Response: ( as Promised)

I read your wonderful Encyclical letter. It felt like propaganda. You did an excellent job explaining the issues that are facing our planet. I was right, when I said it can be summed up in one sentence to solve our pollution problems. As a neighbor, one should respect the yard of thy neighbor.  One should not trash the land, air or water of their land or their neighbors land. We agree on this. Your ideas solving these issues seemed more political than resolute and workable. You may want to research the Fibonacci Code and the Golden Rule because I did not agree with number 6. There were many areas of your letter, that I felt were robotic. You were not specific in areas you should have been. I don’t know if you are aware but the world faces darkness on the horizon where Islam is concerned and you did not address that. The poor have always been with us and they will always be with us. We should help our fellow man and woman up. We should teach them to stand and walk on their own. You do not teach a child to run before they walk. You barely touched on Nuclear and GMO’s. You lost me on the Patrimony statement in Nature as you exclude the flowers. You never address the issues facing the bride which is the Church of man. We need the St. Valentine Pope during this time. The bride has ran away and is in hiding. The bride was raped and you never addressed this with an answer to show that the church was ever forgiven. The Church failed the bride when homosexual men raped the innocent. These were and are not men of God. It breaks my heart that the Church would rather guard and protect these sinful men and their practices instead of fixing the problem. Where is the repentance of the Church? Forgiven means repentance to not repeat the same sin over and over. The Church should have never taken the rites of Marriage away from the Priests. Jesus said, you cannot be lukewarm but the Church is lukewarm. The Church of man serves man and no longer acts as a Church of God.

Your writing is perfect. I guess, I am disappointed because it was written as propaganda for powerful men in high places.

May you find the path that leads the bride back to the Church for you the Holy See must know the truth in your heart. The heart of the Church is broken and you know longer preach the Gospel of our Lord. You know longer show the people how to find our Lord. The Church loses more souls than it gains. The Church needs a healer to heal her broken heart and soul.

Many Christians are suffering. Many Christians are persecuted. Many Christians are being killed for being in love with our Lord and “Yet”…the Church remained quiet and closed it’s doors. May God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit show you the truth that has evaded you all these years when it comes to understanding the true Love of our Lord. The truth dear Sir is found in the “Word”. May peace bless you always;

Your friend and admirer in the wilderness…DRL

Answer to the Muslim Bakery

I wrote this as response on my Disqus. It was a response to a comment. I don’t understand how the words flow but today it just did. I wanted a copy of my response here. I pray the Lord keeps guiding me in the truth.

“Anyone know a good Muslim bakery?
I want a triple layer wedding cake with two smiling piggies on top and layers of Lard and wrapped in Bacon”

My response: “To be quite frank with you, I avoid anything and everything Muslim as much as physically possible. The evilness of Satan radiates from their auras. They worship their Beast of The East. They are shadow hearts and follow the stone of darkness in Mecca. They are soul rapists and woman beaters. Their book of words take away their liberty of Conscience. They do not walk in the Holy Spirit or understand God’s words of holiness. The truth is not in their hearts for they have never sought the wisdom of truth.
God said, “You shall know them by their fruits”.
In the beginning, the garden of life had forbidden fruit, as it is written. People don’t understand that the story is a metaphor and here lies the wisdom of that story. Eve became pregnant with two children and one child was the seed of Satan or why would God say, “I will put enmity between thee and the woman’s seed”? How would you know they are Satan’s seed? The people that are against the peace of man and woman is the one that stands on one side of the enmity.
Muslims have always sought to spread their darkness since their inception in 632 AD. They even think Paradise as a place where they will get Holy Virgins. Why would God give Heavenly Angels to be with murderers, rapists, child molesters and destroyers? Warmongers for the sake of warmongering belong to Satan. Every picture you see of Muslims, you see anger and madness. Hate radiates from every fiber of their being! Shadow Hearts don’t get past the entrance for they are sent to the Abyss of Darkness.
That about sums it up about how I feel about the Cult of Darkness, known as Islam. I wouldn’t give money to support that kind of Darkness. Don’t go to a Muslim Bakery my friend”.