Answer to the Muslim Bakery

I wrote this as response on my Disqus. It was a response to a comment. I don’t understand how the words flow but today it just did. I wanted a copy of my response here. I pray the Lord keeps guiding me in the truth.

“Anyone know a good Muslim bakery?
I want a triple layer wedding cake with two smiling piggies on top and layers of Lard and wrapped in Bacon”

My response: “To be quite frank with you, I avoid anything and everything Muslim as much as physically possible. The evilness of Satan radiates from their auras. They worship their Beast of The East. They are shadow hearts and follow the stone of darkness in Mecca. They are soul rapists and woman beaters. Their book of words take away their liberty of Conscience. They do not walk in the Holy Spirit or understand God’s words of holiness. The truth is not in their hearts for they have never sought the wisdom of truth.
God said, “You shall know them by their fruits”.
In the beginning, the garden of life had forbidden fruit, as it is written. People don’t understand that the story is a metaphor and here lies the wisdom of that story. Eve became pregnant with two children and one child was the seed of Satan or why would God say, “I will put enmity between thee and the woman’s seed”? How would you know they are Satan’s seed? The people that are against the peace of man and woman is the one that stands on one side of the enmity.
Muslims have always sought to spread their darkness since their inception in 632 AD. They even think Paradise as a place where they will get Holy Virgins. Why would God give Heavenly Angels to be with murderers, rapists, child molesters and destroyers? Warmongers for the sake of warmongering belong to Satan. Every picture you see of Muslims, you see anger and madness. Hate radiates from every fiber of their being! Shadow Hearts don’t get past the entrance for they are sent to the Abyss of Darkness.
That about sums it up about how I feel about the Cult of Darkness, known as Islam. I wouldn’t give money to support that kind of Darkness. Don’t go to a Muslim Bakery my friend”.

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