Broken Baby Dolls and Damaged goods

This was going to be a title of a book I was working on until I met this super smart English Professor. I reflected  and heard his great wisdom about the story. The only reason i wrote it was because of a gal I met named Mariam. She was a Muslim girl that had worn the Broken Baby Doll shoes. She had never met her Mom because she and her sister were taken out of Iran when she was about two. She had the most unhappy life. It was the most tragic life I had ever heard. I told her I had a blog and maybe we could find her Mom in Iran. About a month after the Blog posting, Maryam supposedly committed suicide. I never found out she had died until eleven months later when the maternal family contacted me via my blog. We then found the sister in Seattle. Sara did not know her own sister had died. Mariam died and nobody that loved her came to her funeral until a year, after she died. The mom in Iran got to talk to her Sara after twenty four years. This great unification happened because this writer reached out across the ocean to help a broken baby doll find her mom. It was a bittersweet victory but a victory none the less. I realise my writing sucks but writing is rewriting so I will keep trying.

I started writing about my own path which was a sad story with a great happy ending. I was damaged goods but through God’s healing, I am whole again. You cannot change what has happened, therefore you should live each day as a challenge. We must all live our lives to the fullest the best way we know how and try our best to make a difference. I pray everyday for the Broken Baby dolls of this planet to also heal their broken spirits. I was blessed that God sent me a good man that loved me for me and not what he wanted me to be.

The following song is the song that reminds me of my Angel in Heaven Mariam.

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