Miles written by DRL (Revised)

I wrote this for my grandson Miles: ( DRL)

Miles in the forest deep.
No more rest, weary, or sleep.
Miles to walk.
Miles to talk.
May it be, May it be.
What is Elysium in you and me.
Paradise island on castle rock.
Hear Hear the waves upon western shores.
The voice within echos clear as clear.
Lights within your heart never, ever to leave or depart.
Whence you have known.
Where you have planted and where you have sown.
Breath the winds of the whispering waves.
Upon the Celtic seas you will find the golden keys.
Elegy, elegy, evening star.
Now you know who you were and who you are.
Celtic spirit and Celtic dreams.
Now we are free to touch our sweet liberty.
Al Shalom, Al shalom.
Peace be upon the dawn of dawn.
The Lord of Dance.
Singer of Prance.
Upon the Isles of emerald green.
Elysium paradise is never unseen.
Honor thee, we are free, we are free.
Lord of all knowing things.
Out of the shadows, the blood moon rose.
Eternal love will be all that will ever grow.
Halos and rings upon angels crown.
Moonlit nights upon the land.
Misty waters of bare feet upon the sand.
Follow the sound of all around.
Secret garden where dream catchers go.
Redeemer of souls Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, we are free.
May it be, May it be, for our sweet souls of liberty.

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