The more I learn.

The more I learn, the more I realise I know absolutely nothing. I know this, that, and the other thing about certain things but I know absolutely nothing about this, that, and the uncertain things. The things I have forgotten even astound me more. If you don’t use it, you lose it or do you, just put something in its place? I have put things in special places and then I forget where the special place is, that I put those things in. Yep, things do get misplaced in the special places. I also feel my washer eats my socks. I always end up with mismates. I know you are suppose to put your socks in the sack but that’s another step in the washing process.

I have these nagging female deep thoughts about theology. I have wondered these certain questions ever since I was little. I know other females have wondered it too. Here’s are my questions to the wise men of the world:

1) Why did God have only a son and not a daughter too?

2) As a parent, you love both your sons and daughters equally. The purpose of our Lord was to understand the path of man, but what about a woman?

3) Does God not want to know that path of understanding as a way to complete the circle of infinity?

4) What is math without infinity?

5) Why would God create male and female without having a mate for himself?

6) Man is made in God’s image, then whose image was woman made in? On a side note, genetically speaking, it would be easier to slice an x and change it into a y chromosome then it would be to splice genetic material to make a Y change into an x chromosome.

7)  How would men be judged if God had a daughter?

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