My Magnetism

I have an appointment at the Cancer Care Center to get my phlebotomy, which is a blood draw. It is not to be confused with a lobotomy. Some might want to do that to me… to shut me up, but oh well.

I have Hemochromatosis. It is an iron overload disease. It is called the Celtic Curse with the Luck of the Irish. It is one of the few genetic disorders that may not affect you as long as you get your blood draws. I will lose 3500 calories today, so there are some positive benefits. I will feel super weak for rest of the day. Hemochromatosis is the most common disorder in Northern European descent. It is higher in Irish descendants. I must be a walking around transducer, is my theory. I stay away from lightning storms, just in case.  I believe the attraction of magnetics to iron explains the deep Spiritual connections the Celtics have. The disorder came about because our ancestors needed to store iron for the famine times. Our DNA mutated to help us survive. I will look at the positives here instead of all the damage my organs may have taken. I believe my Mom had it because she died at only 61 of a massive heart attack. Hemochromatosis masks an array of diseases and most Doctors never catch it.

I recommend anybody that has European roots, to spend the money to get tested because it can save your life. Last time I checked at this link, it was ninety nine dollars. Ninety nine dollars for peace of mind is worth it. It should be a common blood test by Doctors because it is such a common disease. Please check out these two sites.

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