The Stars

The Stars

The Stars

Goodness does not destroy and murder, whilst evil enslaves, rapes,  and kills.
Humans sought as slavery thrills.
Stalked and hunted as prey, once the kill, the thrill has gone upon its merry way.
They will come knocking at your door and maybe they will see you no more.
Watch out for the shim sham shadies, who sweet talks the men and ladies!
Indeed my friend-Take the heed.
Do not let them steal your brain, for only this is what keeps you wise, worthy,  and sane!
Wake up and shake up your sleepy little head and check the stars, for what is read and never dead.

Boil and bubble… toil and trouble… What does the old man grow???
For it is his treasure, that you haunt and want, truly you seek to know.
He will not let you miss, until he grows into the beast of the east, to take you to the darkness of abyss.
Have you not heard, the truth is in the word.
Seek the truth that leads the way and you will know, what is the wisdom of the day.
No worries my child for the lifting up is peacefully mild…
So rest your sleepy head and gaze upon the stars, that are read and never dead.

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