If you are a conservative, you should read this great article.

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Okay that title alone is probably worth at least 2-3 ‘unfriend’ actions but I believe it to be the truth and I base that on what I see happening in America today. In the past few months I have been challenged dozens of times by liberal leftist who proudly proclaim that they fully support the policies of Barack Obama, think Benghazi was a minor incident, support the IRS targeting conservative groups, and see no reason for the administration to work with any Republican on anything. Sounds like the tolerance they preach right?

This administration has used such vicious rhetoric and vitriol calling conservatives ‘domestic terrorist’ largely because they disagree with him on how to govern and what America should be. He has lamented that the constitution is too restrictive, does not allow government to DO whatever it desires and feels needed. He does not believe in American Exceptionalism, has proclaimed…

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