Sit out from the cloud on 9-11!!!!!

Has anyone read the FCC rules for Obama-Net? We should pick a day like 9-11 to vow a quiet day off the cloud. A day of quiet from all communications via the cloud. That means no transactions, no communications on your telephones, no television, no internet and you spend the day in peace. They control everything about your life via the cloud. The saying of no news is good news can be true. This would be our fight back without lifting a weapon. It would be our weapon of defiance by peace right here on earth and not in the cloud. A sit out from the cloud. 

I have noticed the trends on twitter have changed. They are what twitter chooses based on twitter’s criteria. I used to enjoy twitter when they had a tab called Discovery. That was in April. I noticed after that, that the twitter trends also changed. Is it me or has twitter chosen what trends are trends? It reminds me of the way, the New York Times choses their best selling list.The trend is what is chosen by the US Pravda. You must remember to sift through all the poppycock.It’s pretty simple, just use your common sense.

Is it time to create a new net? We could call it earth connection. It would be private with membership only. If there is a law, then there are ‘ways around the law’ but staying within the law.I will research it further. I am thinking of a multiplier. It’s the hardware. It has to be KISS(Keep it simple stupid).  I know their address system is set up their way and the computer’s way. I believe we could create a new one.  They would be scrambling to read it? Maybe we could shrink the address system instead? Aw, maybe we could go into a negative range. Hmm, maybe just a hurricane in the clouds would do it?

I have discovered the ICANN who owns the postal community of the internet. I found this article on it. If you wanted to go above the IPV4 and IPV6. They don’t own IPV 8 and IPV16, yet.

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