Low Frequency generators.

I believe we could build a low frequency sound fence at the border that would be efficient and cheap to build. You could even use translators and boosters at certain locations. It could be towers to bounce the signal. Aiming it at the border should allow the signal to flow only that direction.  Low frequency generators are simple simon circuits. Why doesn’t the government just do that?

Read the article in this link. http://www.newworldwar.org/sw.htm

The Cloud.

The cloud allows the government to follow you. It never dawned on me that our government controls us now by the cloud. Our medical records are on the cloud. Our spending habits are on the cloud. Who we follow and what we write about is on the cloud. The control the government has is on the cloud. What would the governments, the banks and the people do without the cloud of communication? We would have freedom, peace, and they would be scrambling.