The silliness of Love.

I do believe in true love. I believe when you meet the one, you know it because you want to grow old with that person. That person makes you laugh and you can fart in front of each other. I am not much of a farter. I am one of those silent deadly types. It’s just a little poof. If it’s warm, it has a huge odor. Hubby was relaxed about farting right out the chute. It was fate that we came together. We swam at the same pool everyday when I was ten and he was twelve. The year was 1972.  He had just finished grade school. I was going into the sixth grade. We spent a year together in JR High. He was one grade ahead of me but almost two years older than me. You would have thought we would have talked or met, but we did not. We were two strangers walking past each other not even realizing one day we would meet and fall in love for life in 1985.

I do silly love games. I leave him corny love notes. We treat each other as we are having a lifetime love affair. We do things together and have fun doing it together. We have ran two business together and managed to still love each other through it all, even though once he threw a hamburger bun at me. We laugh about it now, but at the time, it was a huge mountain of a fight. I love a good fight because the sex is more intense when you make up. It’s my scallywag side.

“Honey, I regret not saving all your love letters and love notes”, he confessed to me out of the blue about a month ago.

I said, “It’s okay babe because I still have time to write you more”. I love my husband with my whole heart and soul. He was and always will be someone I can spend eternity with because he was meant to be with me, and I was meant to be with him. He treats me with the highest respect without kissing my ass. Oh, yes he can be a dick, but my royal bitch can match his dick-ness.(almost) I know when to back down, because his face turns red. The best thing about my husband is he was an answer to a prayer. God knew before I knew he was my soulmate. I love the silliness of Love. 🙂