We should be offended.

You must read this story in the Conservative Tribune. It had over 77,000 shares on facebook. When are we going to stop letting Burka-Bitches and Maniac Mental Muslim Men keep spitting in our faces? This is our country and they have no right to even wear the burkas let alone put down a patriotic fellow citizen.


Your Cheatin Heart

Ashley Madison was hacked. Oh No. The names and email addresses are legit. I imagine there are 28 million men just shaking in their boots. 

Below is a couple links. Tsk, tsk. You naughty boys!!! The paste-bin is the 15000 names and emails of the government workers.



We are fat because…

The food giants put high fructose corn syrup in everything. It is foreign to our bodies. The food giants poison us with all their fake preservatives. I am going on a “Live-it”. No diets anymore. I want to look at eating as a way of living.

Yogurts are gone. I don’t eat potato chips, but if I did, they would be gone. No more bread from the box stores. They ate bread before corn syrup fructose days so homemade should be good. I will watch out for that crappy oil ‘Olean’. That’s some fake crap for your body so it is on the do not eat list! I will increase my green tea after each meal. It’s all in the gut.

If the food giants stopped using corn syrups and sugars in all their products, we would naturally start losing weight. Thirty four percent of Americans are fat. Most of that is because of fructose. I looked at my bread and sure enough there is the fructose. I’m afraid to look at my other products but I bet it’s in there.

Shitty paragraphs about a shitty situation.

I wrote the following shitty paragraph as a response on my google+. I thought it was short and to the point about a shitty luck story that had a happy ending for my hubby and I? What do you think?

“I once wrote a letter and mailed it to the whole neighborhood over their sewage treatment facility. You have to fight fire with fire. I just fought shit with shit right back at cha. Can you imagine your neighbors a mile away wanting their sewage treatment facility uphill and next door to you? Holy shit. What a shitty uphill battle that was. I can say after a shitty fight, I came out as the Queen of shit. Hubby and I moved that Sewage treatment facility three miles away from us. What is really shitty is the price went up by over 5 million. What comes around, goes around in a shitty roundabout way for my neighbors, I can honestly say. :)”