Butterfly Effect

Yesterday, a friend asked me what I thought about the “Butterfly Effect”. I have  considered what you do today affects tomorrow, always. I did not think of the “butterfly effect”.  I always called it Newton’s Third law of psychics;  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Voices traveling are sound signals and they react off each. I had to agree with the “butterfly effect” .

My argument for it, is the following. (quoting myself, how novel).


Yesterday 3:40 PM

It matters what you do today as it affects tomorrow. It is like how you raise a child. If you raise a child in hate, the child grows up to be hateful. You raise a son in domestic violence, he will grow up to beat up his wife. Look how the ‘hormonal effect’ affects the whole group men when they get together. Others men’s testosterone increases which causes the men to get more violent. There is a butterfly effect backed up by scientific facts. Facebook did their own study on it by feeding positive messages and collecting the data. They may have did it with negative messaging. Hitler did it, which led to millions of deaths. Stalin did it. Genghis Khan did it. Mohammed did it. Jesus had a butterfly affect. Before Jesus did it, God did it with the essence of his Holy Spirit out of the one true flutter that began it all. Thus the energy never ever ends.
Yes, I 100% believe in the butterfly effect.

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