Something bugging me.

Awhile back, I looked into who and what industries were above antitrust laws. I discovered the following;  Hospitals, insurance, government industries, pharmaceuticals, farms and public unions. Being above antitrust means you can get together with your buddies (FDA with Pharmaceuticals), steer, corner the market, and price fix. You can put off generics drugs because of patents. You can have shake hand deals behind closed doors. Medical for the benefit of man should have no patent coverage. Look how (he) made (he)-Care eliminate the Catholic hospitals. That is the government purposely alienating a proper business and enterprise based on religion.

This government hates all Jews and all Christians. Erasing of the words of God is coming. (he) will reveal his true nature soon. (his) arrogance can hardly contain his game of fame and shame. I believe with all my heart  that (he) is a true Muslim. I believe (he) will reveal it soon because (he) made the deal with Iran. You wait and see. I am wondering, when he will fly their flag on the White House grounds. The date of 4-4-16 at 11:11 to 11:11 bothers me. Check out the following new flag of the Muslim Brotherhood. Symbols and routines to their Moon God Allah, means a lot to them, among other crazy bat mumble jumble.

They have more flags than all movements. The Crescent Moon and star is their  oldest and preferred. You see the swords and knives a lot. Oh boy. Evil and murder seems to follow them wherever they go. The religion of peace never discovers peace. The truth never reaches their dark shadow hearts. They soul rape the societies. They spread like weeds in the garden of life. They are the darkness that wants to overtake the world.

PS. (he) equals BO.

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