The Law, the Protection, and the “Government Privileged” !

Everybody is aware of the river in Colorado that was damaged by the EPA just recently. It is still flooding toxins into the river as I type. What will happen to the idiotic stupid EPA ass workers? Nothing! Nada! The law does not apply to the government officials as it does everybody else! Government workers are more protected than you and I.

I once had this maniac tenant who was a psycho. After the dude tried to burn down my property, I took my evidence to the Prosecutor. I asked him what would happen if the guy was doing this to you?

“Well, he would be in jail facing Prison”!

“Well let’s throw him in jail”, I cheerfully spoke up.

“No, I am a Prosecutor and am protected. You are a private citizen”.

I felt like I was slugged in the stomach and just felt worthless as a private citizen comparatively speaking. I was speechless and just wanted to get out of his office as fast as possible. I had deal with that psycho all the way to the supreme court of last resort in Washington. I shouldn’t have had too if I meant as much to my country as much as my Prosecutor did.

That’s day I knew, the law is government protected for the government and not for me. If you work for the government, you are privileged with higher protections. You are “Government Privileged” !

The law is the law and the law should apply to all citizens equally. That is the core of my anger with my government.