Shitty paragraphs about a shitty situation.

I wrote the following shitty paragraph as a response on my google+. I thought it was short and to the point about a shitty luck story that had a happy ending for my hubby and I? What do you think?

“I once wrote a letter and mailed it to the whole neighborhood over their sewage treatment facility. You have to fight fire with fire. I just fought shit with shit right back at cha. Can you imagine your neighbors a mile away wanting their sewage treatment facility uphill and next door to you? Holy shit. What a shitty uphill battle that was. I can say after a shitty fight, I came out as the Queen of shit. Hubby and I moved that Sewage treatment facility three miles away from us. What is really shitty is the price went up by over 5 million. What comes around, goes around in a shitty roundabout way for my neighbors, I can honestly say. :)”