Shitty paragraphs about a shitty situation.

I wrote the following shitty paragraph as a response on my google+. I thought it was short and to the point about a shitty luck story that had a happy ending for my hubby and I? What do you think?

“I once wrote a letter and mailed it to the whole neighborhood over their sewage treatment facility. You have to fight fire with fire. I just fought shit with shit right back at cha. Can you imagine your neighbors a mile away wanting their sewage treatment facility uphill and next door to you? Holy shit. What a shitty uphill battle that was. I can say after a shitty fight, I came out as the Queen of shit. Hubby and I moved that Sewage treatment facility three miles away from us. What is really shitty is the price went up by over 5 million. What comes around, goes around in a shitty roundabout way for my neighbors, I can honestly say. :)”

18 thoughts on “Shitty paragraphs about a shitty situation.

    • 13.7 million dollar no shit. Here>>>

      Page 20- ” All options related to the DNR property became moot because that site never became
      available. Site #1 has problems related to the intense operation required of the treatment
      plant and the disposal site to meet environmental regulations. Additionally, the
      immediately available site is barely large enough to service a portion of the Lake, but not
      the whole lake. It is not certain that additional land is available or the cost of that
      additional land. And, there is still opposition from a adjacent neighbor. Site #2 is only
      available as a leased site and therefore, not a preferred long-term option. Once the
      Stimson Site became available, this uncertainty of the long-term prospects for this site
      made it unacceptable. ”
      We found them the Stimson Property. I am that opposing neighbor. πŸ™‚ You should see the old comp plan. It was a shit sandwich for my hubby and I.

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    • Oh yea. I saw that. EPA is lucky I don’t live on that river!
      I was up to my knees in shit about my shit of putting up with my neighbors shit. It was going to be feet away my house. Those fuckers. I went psycho bitch. They had no idea. I went OCD on shit. I am not shitting you either. Hubby and I would visit sewage treatment facilities to see if we could smell it. Hell yea! It stunk like shit because we were not noseblind. I studied the Orange book of Washington State on Sewage treatment facilities. ( It’s the shit on shit book) The man that helped write that shit was one of the engineers that was involved in the parcel next door and uphill from me. I knew where that shitty engineer lived. I was a Realtor for nine years. I was going to protest his neighborhood with a shitty sign. My neighbors were sneaky bastards about it too. Shitheads is what they were being! My heads up was a knock on my door from the hydrologist. Attorney was going to have a “friend of the lake” buy it before the comp plan was complete. (how convenient-my first fucking meeting) The ‘creme de la creme’ was the lady that was approving it at the State Level had the hots for the other Engineer that took over. I in turn went Erin Brockovich and flirted with the guy at the Department of Health. He is the best Democrat I have ever met. He was the fun part for the bummer situation of shit we found ourselves in. He taught me a lot about shit and I in turn gave him monthly reports on the shit about the shit situation from the sewer meetings, my letters, and my daily obsession of not taking their shit. I figure I truly passed the ultimate shit test in the tune of 13.7 million dollars. Are you laughing your ass off. I sure did when I stood on the almost completed Sewage Treatment Facility three miles away. Psst, the lake will have to smell it when you have a cold inversion. Not me, because I don’t have the lake. Ha ha. πŸ™‚

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      • PS. Here’s some real shit about the shit. I was pissed at the “friends of the lake Attorney memo” at that first shitty Sewer meeting of my shitty neighbors. I got right to that shitty memo the next fucking shitty day. I truly did something shitty back. I filed a shitty complaint with the Washington Bar association! How was I supposed to know Michael Ormsby used to be the President of the bar Association. Who knows that kind of shit? My attorney recommended I drop that shitty complaint but I did not until Michael had to make the shitty trip over to Olympia…(Oops-I am sorry Michael. I love you, dude.) I was so tempted to say something during Michael’s appearance in front of the Senate, but why? He was looking out for his clients and I was looking out for me. It is a cool shitty story.
        In 2009, I talked to Penn from Penn and Teller. He was shitty to me about my shitty story. I was so pissed at him at the time. I really think his shitty attitude gave me courage to fight back. I should thank the man for being shitty towards me in Las Vegas but I doubt he would remember. Isn’t that the shit?

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      • I tweeted him tonight. He was so rude in 2009. I was trying to talk shit to him about my shitty luck about shit but he brushed me and my three beautiful daughters off like we were weird fans when I wanted to talk about some real shit. I was trying to talk bullshit with him but wow. I only wanted to go to the show to talk a little bit about shit. You know what they say, you win some and you lose some. I won in the end in 13.7 million dollar ways. Who says you can’t fight the government and win! Ha, ha. πŸ™‚

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