4 thoughts on “Mr. Trump is the Candy Man!

      • Yea, that’s true. Global warming, destructive coal, and BO Bears new carbon crap is on the agenda plate for next year. Too bad EPA is another pathetic agency amongst the many agencies that are redundant.
        Our government has created this deep deep hole of financial ruin. They sell nothing but blue skies of poppycock. To me, you only need seven agencies at best at the Federal Level. Government employees whether elected or hired should have term limits and all employees should be responsible for their own retirement. Make most government jobs a civil duty instead. Required by every citizen like Jury duty. That would be slice and dice with civil sacrifice. We could save lots of money and still be able to operate. Imagine how smart the people would get about government operations. There would have to be some specific exceptions. Nobody talks about the fourth brother of this government. (The Public Unions) They have bought so many souls. Some places pay out tons of retirement because of these public union contracts.The pay-outs are destroying budgets left and right. It is O**M*Villes at State Levels. Public Servants is an oxymoron because they serve only their pocketbooks. Public Union Employees and Agencies are above antitrust laws.
        The following link and article in the Economist upset me like no other. http://www.economist.com/news/united-states/21582282-pensioners-are-pushing-many-cities-and-states-towards-financial-crisis-who-pays-bill

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