To Jeff Cigar:

Drudge would not allow this reply! So I’ll put it here and you’ll never see it but at least I  said it.

You are a confused person who wants to twist the truth to fit your understanding of the truth of who the Almighty is. You do not understand that you have been led astray from the path of wisdom. God gives everybody the choice to serve him or not.
God is not Satan. This earth of this time belongs to Satan but only for the time and times and a half. You act as if Earth is the only world in the universe. That is obviously not true. Jesus one day will open up the great book and if your book of life is not listed, then your book will not make it to the Library of God’s heavenly universe.
God grants all men and women the freedom of conscience to have your own relationship with him. Does a parent have all the same children? No, they are different and you have a different connection with each, so it is with God also. God has many children and he is either there or erased by the children. So you see, there is a choice. Religion comes from man for man but the Church of God is a Spiritual Church not made from stone.
I am turning my cheek away. Please don’t communicate with me anymore for you don’t know or understand the truth about God. The Holy Spirit is not in you. The Lord says, “You shall know them by their fruits”. You are a weed blowing in the wind following the ways of the world and following the one that leads you astray. You are carnal in your understanding. This world is your paradise, and you seek it’s rewards for all that it has to offer.
May God send you an awakening that shakes you in your boots, brings you to your knees, and awakens the truth in you as it has in me. Please go seek the truth until you find it. I pray you find your way out of the darkness and see the light that has evaded you all your life.May you understand the true Peace of understandIng. Good bye.

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