Middle Eastern Issues

Middle eastern men are too angry about the manly man and dogmatic issues. Name one time in history when middle eastern men have not fought. They act as vampires taking blood for blood vengeance. They are all bullies on the playground of the big sand hill. Their one commonality is the cult of Islam. Islam has outdated ideas and practices. The wise good people know the truth about the darkness in their cult. It is very clear to me. The men are men of low IQ’s because their mama’s are kept dumb resulting in dumb sons.
In conclusion, you have a bunch of dumbass sons of pricks who keeping making more pricks. More pricks becoming evil angry pricks… They have nothing to do but be pricks, holding their dicks. And the pricks all want to get up and see who can be the biggest prick compared to their Mohamed dick—the King of Pricks.