The Keystone report

The report the keystone cops wrote about my daughter was horrible. The knots on the rope was tested for my daughter’s DNA because no gold flakes were in her fingernails…only dirt…probably the same dirt as what was on my daughter’s knees because Rafael choked her while her tongue was sticking out in front of her son, not his son. My grandson’s version matches better than Rafael’s staged scene. Lack of evidence is evidence…you won’t find my good DNA on those knots. The cops put my emotions in the report and I had nothing to do with my daughter’s death. I am hoping their report shows up here because Paul Lebsock says public is public.  What do you think?

Those knots were tested. Male and female DNA was found but not enough to be tested. It was a waste of money on my part but Paul handed that evidence over to the natural mother. Wasn’t that very nice of him?  I doubt the Ronco knife will cut that material the same straight cut…A two hundred pound woman would have made that cut a rip diagonally and not straight across.  No footprints in the hallway, only his shoe mark. The ladder rungs on the ladder in the kitchen measure up to the scuff marks on the wall in the hallway. Rafael stood on a ladder to rip the curtain down while Jeanie was locked in the dungeon.


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