Two ways to murder your abused wife and get away with it.

Please do not try this…It is satire.

First,  you must make it look like a suicide. This is the most important thing because that is what will fool the cops and the judicial system. Make sure your spouse does drugs. Cops don’t care about druggies.  Get lots of cell phones…Take complete control of your wife’s communications…Send messages from her phone that you have to your cell phone which she has…The gushy love shit will make her appear nuts prior to the event… Even if you abuse your wife…the cops won’t really care…hell, 40% of the male cops are woman beaters. Try to make sure you and your spouse are pretty much alone…Don’t worry about her wanting to get her homework done before her alleged suicide…All suicidal people want to get their school assignments that are due on the following Monday. Cops ignore the obvious. If there is a toddler around…that is probably okay because cops and the courts don’t consider children at that age to be good witnesses. They barely can talk…let alone testify against you. Don’t worry about upsetting her parents…the cops will not consider their point of view because the parents will be emotional. The cops may even use the parents emotions in your favor because the cops love making the victim’s parents emotions part of their case. That kind of stuff fills up space in a report. The cops love that shit. After your wife’s alleged suicide…you must exercise complete shutdown. Act super stupid, drink beer and be convincing about the suicide event…change your story many times. Cops buy into that shit because you are emotional and drunk. On the eventful day…make sure to also hook some kind of hose to a car even if the car doesn’t really run…cops don’t check that…hell… they cannot even get your fingerprints off of a hose.  Yeppers…all suicide victims take their purse into a car that doesn’t run. It will look stupid but it helps to make your spouse seem like she was on a suicide determination run.  The killing must be from behind with her on her knees…basically… hang the bitch…with a curtain type material. Cops won’t care about the dirt on her knuckles and knees. It has to be pretty long so you can tie it up later to make it look like she really hung herself. After she is pretty much dead…stage the scene…then run over to the neighbor’s house for help. At least twenty minutes must elapse so your spouse can never come back.  Within a month the cops and everybody will close the case and you can carry on with your life. 

Another way to get away with it is if after you have strangled her…rig something in the garage. Lean your dead spouse over a strung up wire…then leave for a week…Her dead rotting corpse will never give up the exact time of her death. This method is very simple to write off for the coroner and the police.

On a side note…90% of all women will not choose this way to die but the system doesn’t care…they just would rather close their eyes.

The truth is the cops and the judicial system honestly believe abused bitches lives don’t matter! Society looks at abused women as stupid. Society believes stupid abused bitches deserve what they get.

I am living proof and two women I loved are dead proof showing that their lovers got away with it.

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