Somebody done somebody wrong song…

Mommy Jeanie and the tongue

Today is May 18, 2017.

The what, the where, and the what again.

I am writing this because it is fresh and it happened just two hours ago. I was driving Myles and Kenzie from my house to the daycare in Spokane. I left around 8:15 am…I noticed in the rear view mirror that Myles had undone the seat belt right after passing Miller’s one stop going south on the Newport Hwy.(hwy2 e)I pulled over into the small Grub and stuff cabin cafe…I fixed the seatbelt and hopped back into the car…
“I get to see my mommy”, Kenzie says in her sweet all excited voice.
Myles then said very seriously, “I want to see my Mommy Jeanie”.
Whoa…that knocked the wind out of my sails because he hasn’t said a word about his real mommy since Nov 1st, 2016.
Then it dawned on me that he calls Jessie, ‘Mama Jessie’ and Jeanie, ‘Mommy Jeanie’.
I said, “You remember your real mommy Jeanie and what happened that night”?
He said, “Yes, my daddy hurt my mommy”.
I said, “Where”?
He reached up and put his hands around his neck.
I said, “No honey, Where”? “In the hallway”? (That’s what my son outlaw and the police said)
He looked at me like I was stupid.  Then in a matter of fact way, he flips his hands in that flip motion so his palms are up and then he says sternly, “No, in the bedroom”!
I calmly then asked him, “What did your mommy Jeanie do”. (My heart was pounding)
He then put his hands to his throat again and said…ugh, ugh and he then stuck his tongue out and hung it downward”.
I then asked him…”What did you do honey”…
Like a super brave gallant little two and a half-year-old, He says…” I told Daddy to stop it” … “That’s not nice”…
There you have it…The what, the where and the what again…but it doesn’t matter because my son outlaw got away with it…and the Police, the Coroner, and DA let him.
How did my precious Myles know about her sticking her tongue out like that? OMG…I am crying typing after writing this…I must go do some work so I can not think about what I now know. What I know is…my son outlaw got away with killing my child!

Somebody done somebody wrong song.

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