How are you my good friend:

This is my blog of who I am. This blog is a true story of the climb uphill. We have all climbed our hills. Some people may choose to go downhill in their journey of this adventure we call Life. I have been down that hill. My view may offend lots of my neighbors and friends. I talk from my soul and truth from my heart. I too my friends have suffered so I share my book of self with you. If you came here then you know or you seek. Hopefully you do not find my words as preaching as one critic said for he has not seen my words. BLAH BLAH BLAH. He is closed hearted and on his own journey of self discovery, he too is writing his own book of self. What is your book? Whats important to you?

2 thoughts on “About

    • I am happy you got in. I really should go through and fix my errors. I have so many. This was my first blog. I am on this journey of discovery in this writing experiment.
      Is the uphill climb important to you?


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