Leg Picture

I haven’t posted here for a while because I have gone through a super hard time in my life. My first-born daughter Jean Morfin  was killed by her abusive husband on October 22, 2016. Her husband strangled her and then cleaned up the crime scene before going to get help from the next-door neighbors. She went twenty minutes without oxygen. Her hubby could have saved her if he hadn’t killed her by calling 911 on his phone…but his phone was wherever? Police never asked him that apparently. Her husband refused to take a lie detector test. His story constantly changes. My daughter was strangled in front of her two and half-year son. My middle daughter will raise her sister’s son. My grandson, out of the blue told me and showed me what Daddy did to his mommy. Rafael is not the biological Dad so he has no rights to my grandson.  The Spokane Police believed the criminal…Why? Because my daughter had drugs in her body. She is just another abused bitch who deserved to die in their book. My daughter lingered on life support for six days so she didn’t have to die on my birthday or on her birthday, which are two days apart. She passed away on October 28th, 2016 and was buried  on November 19th, 2016. My hubby took this leg picture on her funeral trying to make me smile…I had walked into the living room to ask him how my new high heels looked.

He said, “I don’t know babe”…you need to lift it up higher for me…so I lifted it…

He said, “lift it more…”

I lifted it a bit more…

“Much higher babe”…as he feathered his hand in an upwards motion…

I laughed and obliged him…and he took a picture.

My plight on the leg picture is one of the tweets below because I was and I am still upset with the Spokane Police Department for not caring about my murdered child.

A government agency called the Spokane Police Department blocked this taxpayer so I blocked those assholes back!