I am me.  My blogs are about who I am and the paths I have walked. I have worn many shoes. I am now happy with the shoes bestowed upon me. Why? Because it lets me share with you the pain and joy that I know you my friends have felt along your journey. I feel your pain because I too have dealt with the things no one talks about.  These blogs I write,  I write to and for my friends. You know who you are. I write them to all my brothers and sisters. I am not a professional literary genuis so you will find errs. You may want split hairs on my words or go word nazi on my spelling and grammar. Thats ok for I am human and believe me, when I say to you, I err, I sin and I make mistakes. Glory Be to the one in the highest for he is the great teacher to his creations. I have children and they came with no instructions so I learned too.  God would not have given us children if he did not have a sense of humor. Right? I am a wife, mom, grandma, sister, girlfriend and your neighbor. Choices are made in life sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances but if you make your choices based upon honor and principle of your book self then who are we to judge a book by its cover ? And we make bad choices.  DO NO harm to the babies, men, and women to torture their soul for being the Soul Rapist is the worst of all crimes against your fellowman. People also must learn to get out of the hole of despair by working and realising if you are down  realise that there is no way but UP. That means there is always hope but you need to do your part too. Some wonder why Ladydonnalands(twitter)-Donna is derived from Italian meaning lady. Its pretty simple. The Lord prepared me all my life to share with you my journey upon my book of self. My journey gave me the compassion and understanding to relate to your path. There are ways out of the wilderness. The hole that has buried you in the deep dark crevices..If you came here then you know what I tell you is true. Life is but a journey on our way to our final Destination. We decide where we land as our choice but our steps are guided along this path. Eh?

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